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How to create epic social media content

By Scratch Staff | 27 March 2018 | Business, Expert Advice, Feature

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Theresa Cientanni, marketing expert and founder of My Social Salon, reveals how to create exciting and engaging social media content for your nail business…

We all lead busy lives, so the last thing we want to do is spend hours creating and researching content ideas.

There are two main types of content you should be focusing on:

1. Shareable content – This is a post, image or video that your audience think their friends or followers would be interested in, therefore they may share it on their personal pages.


2. Content that invites engagement – This is a post, image or video that engages the audience is such a way that they feel compelled to like or comment on the post.


Ultimately, the aim is to evoke feeling from the audience by making an impact with your content. But how can you do that? By ticking off at least three of the following content attributes:

Make it visually stunning

From pictures of nails to inspiring images, ensure the picture is crisp, of great quality and beautiful to look at. Celebrity nail stylist, Leah Light, once told me for every picture of nails she posted on her Instagram page, 49 didn’t make the cut. Be precise and demand perfection from your images.

Make it informative

People love to be educated on subjects that interest them on social media, and if you do this well enough, you become an authoritative social media figure, with people turning to your page for advice and inspiration. For a fast, visual way to create informative graphics and posts, I recommend

Make it emotional

Simply put, if you are passionate about your business, your work and your products, you will create loyal and longstanding customers. Emojis are a handy way to get a feeling across in a post.

Make it for them, not you

Always remember the post is for the benefit of your audience; entertain, educate or empathise with them.

Add an image or video to your post

Content with relevant imagery gets around 94% more views that content without.

Good luck!