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How to create long nails with ease using Crystal Nails Fusion Tips & Acrylgel

By Guest Writer | 19 May 2024 | Feature, Technique

Fusion Crystal Nails Jurgita Bickevic

International nail educator for Crystal Nails, Jurgita Bickevic, is passionate about seeing the joy on her clients’ faces following a nail transformation.

She is ‘obsessed’ with Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel and Reverse Tips from Crystal Nails, crediting them for helping her to create speedy, flawless nail enhancements.

Jurgita Bickevic Crystal Nails

The owner of J&J Salon, Oxford, comments: “Imagine this: you can skip the filing process and create a perfect shape. With Reverse Tips, you can add amazing colours or designs and simply adhere them to the nail to create a perfectly curved and arched nail masterpiece in seconds. This means that tips can be pre-designed for clients before their appointment, meaning minimal wait time and maximum fabulousness!”
Xtreme Fusion Acrylgel Universal Crystal NailsHow to use Crystal Nails Xtreme Reverse Tips
Xtreme Reverse Tips are more flexible than average, thin, tips. A box from Crystal Nails contains 120 tips in 12 sizes, and the gel-like tips have a thinned shape in the area of the back skin fold, which is thinner and more flexible, enabling a more precise fit.
To adhere to the nail, apply Crystal Nails Base Gel but do not push completely back up to the nail fold. Apply the tip and cure in the Crystal Nails No Limit Lamp. File the resulting edge and buff the surface before creating a design of your choice. Soak off in the same way you would L&P acrylic nails in 30-40 minutes.
Fusion Acrylgel Natural White 30g

Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel

With the Natural White shade, you can create natural-looking baby boomer nails quickly and easily. When applied to a full nail surface, such as the Xtreme Reverse Tips, you can achieve an elegant milky nail finish.

Acrylgel is easy to file and shape and the tube-shaped packaging can be precisely dispensed. It cures in UV/LED lamp in 2-3 minutes, and in an LED lamp in 1-2 minutes.

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