Katie Barnes
Katie Barnes

How to effectively fit a form to a wide nail

By Katie Barnes | 25 May 2022 | Expert Advice, Feature

Form Fit For Wide Fingernail

It can be tricky to fit a form on an uneven free edge or when the fleshy pad of skin where the free edge would usually be, is raised and higher than or level with the nail plate. The nail plate is often flat or may be concave. This can also present at the sidewalls too. This kind of nail can be present on any client but is commonly seen on nail biters.

If a nail form is not seamlessly fitted, it will present you with problems upon application. The product may leak underneath the nail form creating a ledge and skin contact. The form may also bounce out, resulting in being unable to apply to product to the corners of the nail which would create a weakness in the enhancement.

“It is possible to fit a form well to any nail, but different adjustments may be needed for success.”

When pre-customising my forms, I always cut the form at a 45-degree angle from the side wall to allow a tighter pinch and ‘c curve’, which also allows you to ensure that the product has no edges. In fact, I always cut this deeper than usual, about an inch long. But cutting this deeper will allow a better closure underneath without bouncing back out.

On more prominent pads, then this will still flare the nail form, causing issues when trying to fit the form and apply the product. So, a larger, different cut is needed to remove the form from the side part of the nail. Follow my tutorial on how to cut this and fit a form for a wider finger.


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