How to encourage product sales in the run up to Christmas

By Sophie Nutt | 12 December 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so be sure to utilise the season of goodwill by making the most of your retail offerings. An easy way to generate some extra revenue across the busy party season, dress up retail areas with festive decorations and irresistible products to catch the eyes of your customers.

Laura Jones, senior products manager for Sienna X, shares her top tips for how to promote and encourage product sales in the run-up to Christmas…

  • Start promoting early. Customers are becoming savvier, so they may begin shopping around earlier for new products and promotions to make more informed choices.
  • Create an attractive display. During the festive months you need to ensure your product and services stand out from the crowd, so get creative!
  • Make your products more accessible. Rather than displaying them high up or behind reception, bring them to the till point and allow your customers to touch and feel.
  • Be brave! Therapists often admit they don’t like approaching customers to sell. Make it fun; why not ask them if they need to tick another person off their list?
  • Share your knowledge. If you find a customer looking at your products, kindly explain the benefits of the products such as ingredients or results. Try to avoid mentioning prices straight away.
  • Wear the products you are selling. Not only does this allow your customers to see the product but also when you experience the products yourself, you can give true reviews and advice.
  • Create an inviting environment. Little changes can go a long way: for example, offering mince pies with hot drinks, changing decorations and using festive fragrances or music to create a cosy Christmas ambience.

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