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How to encourage your clients to try nail art

By Metta Francis | 29 April 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

Metta Francis Nail Art

A small sprinkle of glitter or minimalistic nail art can increase your profits and leave your clients feeling super chic, so take a look at your nail art menu and encourage clients to indulge in a design.

There’s a design or style that can suit anyone, and I’ve been known to turn my ‘nude nails only or ‘strictly red’ clients onto the idea of nail art at their second appointment.

But how can you introduce nail art to your clients who work in corporate environments or simply say ‘nail art isn’t for me?’ Here are my top tips:

  1. Get to know your clients and I mean really get to know them. Find out about their lifestyle – their favourite brands, item of clothing/accessory etc and if you’re mobile, look at their home interior style for clues on nail designs they might like. For example, your client might have a lot of millennial pink and rose gold accessories in her home (while always going for a standard nude/neutral nail), so why not suggest an accent design in rose gold? As the expert and professional, you know your client best and they should trust you to make suitable suggestions, just don’t scare them off with anything too crazy if that’s not their style!
  2. You are your best advertisement so show off any nail art designs, colours and finishes on your own nails! Most clients have preconceived ideas about nail art (wild leopard print, one stroke flowers) and can’t imagine what a subtle design – or even colour – could look like. Show them the possibilities in person, or have images, nail pops/tips available to view and suggest any colours and looks that complement their lifestyle. If you’re mobile and struggle to carry lots of nail pops/displays, why not create a Pinterest board for inspiration and share with your clients?
  3. Talk to your clients about current trends and get them excited about the possibilities. Let them know which trends you’ve spotted at Fashion Week or in the fashion world and simply compliment your client to let them know how amazing it would look on them. Clients love feeling exclusive and what better way than to rock a nail art look, straight from the catwalk.
  4. Run a limited promotion and offer a complimentary upgrade to your most loyal and regular clients, so they can test out your nail art service and see what it looks like on them. Don’t give them a Picasso masterpiece, just an accent or taster that will be effective but won’t take too long. Make sure you let your clients know that you are offering them a free upgrade as a gift for their custom, and not just a freebie they should expect every time. They might love it and consider nail art each time thereafter or for their next special occasion.

For more information on how to price nail art, have a look at Katie Barnes’ post.


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