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How to help clients take care of hands & nails this winter

By Scratch Staff | 23 October 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

Cold Hands

Sharon Sandhu, category manager for nails at Salon Services UK & Ireland, reveals why it’s important to encourage clients to take care of  their hands & nails in between appointments…

Winter can be harsh on hands and nails. If neglected, the cold weather, freezing rain and drying central heating – and the associated moisture loss – can be a damaging combination, potentially leading to cracked, weak nails, dry skin and splits.   

While this may sound like a recipe for disaster, it’s in fact an exceptional opportunity for techs to share their expertise with clients, advising on the best treatments and home remedies for winter care –  building a trusting relationship while upselling retail products at the same time!

Here are some tips and tricks to help clients take care of their hands at home and in the salon this winter: 

Upsell winter-proof manicures 

When clients come through the door, seize the opportunity to promote and book in replenishing, protective manicure treatments – for both male and female clients.

Express manicures are a great recommendation for clients as they ensure maximum hand protection and moisture restoration, all the while allowing nail techs to complete their manicure services. To help you lock in the moisture while you work, why not use softening gloves, such as OPI Pro Spa Manicure Gloves, available from November. 

For a more deluxe manicure service, choose quality products that moisturise, protect and emulate a relaxing spa experience for your client at the same time. The ASP Manicure range is perfect for this – from soothing salt soaks and scrubs to dermal wraps, there are plenty of products to choose from that will make for a luxurious and moisturising manicure.

For polish, make sure to use a good base coat that protects against brittle nails – a good example of this is Morgan Taylor React Max Nail Strengthener Base Coat. 

Build a moisturising routine 

Moisturising is fundamental to winter hand care and is easy for clients to do at home between treatments. It may seem simple, but it’s good practice to advise clients to adopt a daily moisturising regime, applying hand lotion throughout the day to keep moisture loss to a minimum – and emphasise the importance of massaging lotion into their nails too. 

While they may want to carry around a lighter moisturiser in their handbag, it’s also a great idea to invest in a richer cream like the ASP Manicure Hydration Hand Cream Lotion Sugarcane & Vanilla 240ml that can be applied in the evenings, to really lock in that moisture. Make sure you’re stocking a range of moisturising products in your salon, so customers can pick up a lotion on the way out or gift them to friends and family. 

Care for those cuticles, too

During winter, cuticles can also dry out and peel, which can be incredibly uncomfortable and undo all the nail care efforts taken over the rest of the year. To combat this, encourage clients to rub their cuticles and nail beds with cuticle oil before applying hand lotion, at least once a day – building this into their moisturising routine. Recommend quality cuticle oils such as the ASP Manicure Cuticle Conditioning Oil Sugarcane & Vanilla 75ml or Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil 15ml that contain nourishing vitamins, such as Vitamin E. 

Not only will cuticle oil help to protect from winter winds, it also stimulates blood circulation, promoting healthy nail growth.

As the cold weather blows in this winter, treat your clients to the most nourishing manicures and take time to educate them on the benefits of winter hand and nail care – and reap the rewards all year round. Finally, before your client walks out the door, remind them to put their gloves on, to lock in the moisture and protect against the elements!