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How to incorporate mindfulness into your beauty services

By Guest Writer | 21 June 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature, Health & wellbeing


Salon System educator, Lisa Stone, who achieved a meditation qualification after using the practice to support her mental health, shares how mindfulness techniques can be used in your beauty business…

We can spend so much time and money on ensuring our outward appearances look and feel great, that we forget to look after how we feel on the inside. As beauty professionals, we are perfectly placed to aid the emotional and mental wellbeing of clients. We are in a privileged position of working intimately with them; we build strong rapports with them, gain their trust and often listen to their stresses.

“Offering meditation and relaxation techniques provides an enhanced experience, allowing clients to feel, focus and experience more.”

First and foremost, you must look after your own wellbeing and that of your team, as you can’t drink from an empty cup. Creating a positive, calm and in turn productive working environment, with a welcoming atmosphere, aids client relaxation. Encourage taking regular breaks, getting fresh air, eating healthy food and drinking water – and hold regular meetings, where any issues can be raised. You and your staff could even train in meditation, so that you can carry out mindful services on one another.

Thoughtful treatments

From leading a three-minute breathing exercise at the start of a service to adding ‘mindful manicures and pedicures’ to your treatment menu, offer clients time to unwind and tune in to themselves. It makes them feel valued and more likely to return to your business, because you are taking time to look after their needs.

Stimulate the sense of hearing to boost clients’ moods and focus their minds, for example through soothing music. Alternatively, playing guided meditations while carrying out services can promote clearer thinking and productivity, making this an ideal addition to working clients’ lunchtime treatments. Smells such as essential oils can induce uplifting feelings and relaxation, too.

I offer a body scan meditation, and the feedback has been amazing. Clients have said that it helps them deeply relax and focus on their feelings in that moment. They have used the techniques to help with sleep and stressful situations, which is so rewarding.