How to increase profit potential with LVL by Nouveau Lashes

By Sophie Nutt | 08 May 2018 | Brands, Business, Feature

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A treatment that straightens the natural lashes at the root before tinting them, the LVL by Nouveau Lashes service gives the appearance of longer, thicker lashes for six to eight weeks without the use of extensions. As a woman that moans about the length and volume of her eyelashes fairly regularly, I couldn’t have been more excited to experience and witness the results first-hand when I was given the opportunity to visit the Karen Betts clinic on Harley Street, London, and undergo the treatment.

Two days prior to my treatment appointment, the convenient patch test was posted to my home address meaning there were no unnecessary trips to the salon required. Inside the patch test kit was a patch test card, samples of the four products used throughout the treatment, applicators, plasters and a separate patch test along with instructions. Simple and easy, the four product samples were applied to the inside of the arm using the applicators provided and were then protected with a plaster, while the separate patch test was applied using water on the forearm before all was left for 48 hours.

Upon arrival to the clinic on Harley Street, I was greeted by international educator for Nouveau Lashes, Debbie Law. I intently filled out my consultation card with Debbie and she asked me some questions about my current lash habits, getting to know what kind of eyelashes I had so that she could tailor the treatment specifically to me. After getting comfortable on the treatment bed, I was fitted with a hair net and headband to keep hair away from the eye area and Debbie sanitised her hands. The lash area was also thoroughly cleansed to remove any make-up residue and oils before under-eye pads were applied to ensure that no lower lashes are caught up in the lifting procedure. Eyes are then fitted with a curling shield, which is available in three different sizes to suit your client’s desired look or natural lash type. All the tools used within the treatment were – continuously – sanitised for the ultimate in hygiene levels.

The treatment is then made up of four steps that sees the application of:

  • Bonding gel
  • Lifting balm, which is left on for 10 – 14 minutes depending on the lash type
  • Volumising fix, which is left on for seven minutes
  • An optional tint (available in the shades of brown, black and blue-black) before the final step where moisturising serum is applied

Taking as little as 45 minutes for the treatment to be completed, the immediate results last up to 6-8 weeks – meaning clients can enjoy their newly enhanced lashes with little in-salon upkeep.

“LVL was actually created back in 2006, primarily to lift up the natural lash to enable us to apply lash extensions,” says international educator for Nouveau Lashes, Debbie Law. “I love the treatment because it’s an alternative and everybody can afford to lay there for 45 minutes every six to eight weeks. Sometimes lash treatments can feel unaffordable, not just in monetary terms but also in terms of time, as not everybody can lay there for two hours in the same way that is required for eyelash extensions.”

Aftercare for LVL by Nouveau Lashes is also minimal, however during the first 48 hours of the treatment the client should avoid using saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools and sunbeds, as the lashes are still lifting during this time and the heat could cause the lash to drop. During this time, clients should also prevent submerging their face fully in water, for example when showering or cleansing their face, sleeping face-down onto their pillow and using eyelash curlers. After this time period, however, all that is suggested is the regular use of the Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum, making for a perfect retail opportunity.

For anybody thinking of adding the service to their treatment menu, supportive training is offered to techs both salon-based and mobile. Debbie comments, “Technicians are given a pre-manual so they learn about all of the health and hygiene standards and contraindications, however this is also all taught during the one-day training course. Within the course, technicians are taught theory, practice on – what we call – a Betty Head, and then the lovely part of the training course, unlike lash extensions, is that they get to have the complete treatment because they work on each other.” Debbie continues, “We do continue to offer workshops and refreshers for trained technicians incase anybody has any problems and, as educators, we do hand out our email address so there’s always that contact there.”

The results of the LVL by Nouveau Lashes treatment are undeniable, as my lashes appear longer and thicker without the need for mascara. During the treatment, Debbie ensured that I felt as comfortable as possible and made the treatment more of an ‘experience’ by giving hand, arm and shoulder massages during any time periods where the gels or tint were being left to do their thing. Only requiring the client to enjoy a relaxing 45 minutes every six to eight weeks makes LVL by Nouveau Lashes a low-maintenance yet ultra-effective treatment.

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