How to look after your UV/LED lamp

By Kat Hill | 17 July 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Artistic Led Pro 36 Light

Louella Belle educator and Scratch Stars winner, Carrie Leigh-Allen, reveals how you should be looking after your lamp to ensure a oh-so professional service...

“UV or LED lamps are expensive but an important part of our kit,” explains Carrie-Leigh Allen. “It is advisable to use the same brand as the product you use to ensure a proper cure and to be covered on your insurance.

“It’s hard to tell until it is too late if a bulb in your UV lamp has stopped working properly so it is advised that you change the bulbs every three to six months. As LED lamps bulbs can’t be replaced, it is recommended that you purchased a new lamp every three to five years. All electrical items need to be PAT tested annually to ensure they are safe to use.”

Like any other work surface, your UV or LED lamp should ideally be cleaned between clients. Try using alcohol-free disinfectant wipes.