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How to make your nail art stand out

By Guest Writer | 18 May 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

Maddie Regan

Maddie Regan, Scratch columnist & top tech at 81 Rose Garden, shares some pointers to ensuring your nail art stand out

Art is very emotive, and I don’t think nail art is an exception. When I’m wearing a design, every time I look down at my nails, I feel a sense of pride. I’m proud to be making self-care a habit and of the beautiful work that I am able to create for others. It is a way of expressing myself and, as it isn’t permanent, I can change my nails or those of my clients to reflect a mood or feeling.

Nail art is a guaranteed quick fix for switching up your look and is way more accessible than a new haircut. Nail colours and designs shift to reflect the season and trends can change month by month. I love the range of different inspiration sources technicians have turned into nail art!

At 81 Rose Garden, we couldn’t wait to get back to work and our nail art appointments! We work fast at the salon and can offer nail art to most clients within an appointment – as long as it’s not an intricate print on every nail!

Most salons may not have the time to offer hand painted nail art, so this is where we differ and what we have become known for in our local area. Our team of technicians has offered nail art for many years, so we have become very adept at producing quality hand painted nails in salon time.

“I regularly showcase my work online via demonstrations and live streams. I think that it is really important to try and be one step ahead of the fast-evolving nail trends and techniques.”

As every beauty professional knows, it is highly important not only to constantly update yourself with the latest technology and discoveries in our industry but to also polish our practical skills and meet the ever-changing market requirements by being as informed and as well trained as possible.

Seek top training

Before the pandemic I launched a nail academy, switching to online training courses when we went into lockdown. These were designed to pass on my professional expertise to aspiring nail technicians and enthusiasts alike. The Nail Academy at 81 Rose Garden reflected the diversity of skills and knowledge needed to set up a nail art business. Courses covered the basics such as physiology and nail health, all the way to advanced acrylic or gel application. There’s so much in the industry that is new and exciting. I also taught techniques such as e-filing, ombre and encapsulation, and delicate finishes including mermaid, cable knit and marbling as well.

If you want to complete additional training, remember when choosing a class to find out what exactly will be taught. Be sure to think of the type of qualification you want from your course, too. It’s important to understand the type of course you are booking: is it a workshop? Does it have accreditation? Also, always remember to check out the work of the educator. Do you like what their work and do they inspire you? Do they have good reviews?

Nail art is a truly skill in demand! Clients love nail art and, with the likelihood of significant market growth over the coming years, now is the time to take advantage and diversify your offering to clients.