How to market professional make-up services

By Sophie Nutt | 31 October 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

Tony Hernandez Pzgf 5wpccg Unsplash

Happy Halloween! With the spooky holiday comes parties and a whole lot fancy dress. One of the most popular ways of finishing a spooky Halloween look is with the perfect face of make-up to match. With the majority of people not having the skill to create effective Halloween make-up that looks the part on their own faces, many will seek out professional make-up services. While many Halloween-loving clients already visit you for their themed manicure for this special occasion, why not offer them a make-up look to match? As well as giving the customer one less thing to worry about, it’s more money in your pocket and another skill to your bow.

When marketing professional make-up services, remember that make-up – just like nails – is visual, and showing clients your abilities is the most effective form of promotion. Demonstrate your skills by uploading your creative make-up creations on your business social media pages as well as trying free demonstrations in-salon on regular clients. Another effective marketing method would be to create make-up and nails packages where clients can enjoy a manicure and professional make-up service for a discounted price.

“A free demonstration is a good place to start, as make-up is a visual thing and people want to see how it looks and feels on them,” explains Lloyd Naaké of Airbase Airbrush Make-up. “Packages are always a good way to encourage people into new service offerings. For example, sell a course of nails and include a couple of make-up applications to be taken at any time. This gives customers the flexibility to use them before nights out or special occasions. Encourage the team to upsell a make-up application while doing their client’s nails. This is a great opportunity to find out whether they are out that evening and would enjoy a professional application.”

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