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How to take nail art designs to the next level

By Scratch Staff | 09 March 2020 | Feature, Technique

Nancy R Beauty2trs

Scratch puts the spotlight on the esteemed educators at Beauty2trs, the online platform for nail classes…

This month:  Nancy Janssen reveals how to elevate nail artistry

About Nancy

Nancy’s nail career started in around 2011, and she claims to have been ‘living and breathing nails’ ever since. She has scooped various podium places in a number of competition and her work will soon be seen in collaboration with LoveNess – a nail product brand that launched in 2016.

“I actively create nail art designs and try to learn from every competition and training experience,” Nancy reveals. “My passion drives me to uncover more, while searching for the newest techniques and products to keep developing my skills.

“As a freelance international nail educator, I’m ready to take techs to a higher level in theory and technical knowledge in the field of nail art and nail forms through educational training sessions, all enjoyed from the comfort of your salon space.”

Beauty2trs offers techs the opportunity to learn from a variety of educators from all over the world – each an expert in various areas of nail design, technique and care.

Through her diagrams, explanations and demonstrations, Nancy can help elevate your nail artistry in easy steps.

To get an idea of how Nancy goes about her class, she is offering a free online class called Lux Safari. This is a class offering unique, trendy animal print designs that are salon viable.

Besides the free class, Nancy has several other classes available on Beauty2trs in both English and Dutch. Check out the “Play Before You Pay” videos on each class to see what’s available.

Join Nancy online at Beauty2trs and follow Beauty2trs on Instagram and Facebook.