How training in medical nail reconstruction can benefit your business

By Sophie Nutt | 24 April 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk


Jayne Masters, nail technician and founder of Cosmedicure, reveals how training in medical nail reconstruction can benefit your business…

“As a trained nail technician, I have always had a great client base for pedicure services, however I soon wanted to learn more and take my business that step further. Having a family member with a health condition that affects their feet and nails, I had the desire to train in podiatry. Unfortunately at that time training in podiatry wasn’t a viable option due to family commitments, so I went ahead and trained as a foot health potential.

Jayne Masters

“This gave me the knowledge to treat conditions that would be classed as contraindications by nail technicians and within beauty treatments. I loved treating clients as a foot health professional, but there was still definitely room left for improvement as far as aesthetics were concerned! Given the fact that an unsightly nail is one of the main reasons professional advice is sought, I decided to do some further research.

“I wanted to train correctly and be certified for insurance covering nail reconstruction. However, there was only once course available, which used a very outdated system. So, I decided to research further and develop my own. I utilised the knowledge of industry experts, including Doug Schoon, and went on to choose systems and adapt methods of cosmetic applications that would work in a clinical environment for those with no cosmetic experience or knowledge. As a result, Cosmedicure training was born!

“I developed online training as I personally found it difficult to complete comprehensive CPD courses that fitted around my family commitments. I also felt that courses I had completed previously failed to provide the opportunity of being able to work on a real life presentation. I believe this is a crucial experience and learning point, which I have been able to overcome by structuring my course as I have!

“Everyone has access to phones or computers now and individuals can adapt their learning to suit. I have been privileged enough to train students worldwide, which is fantastic.

“Medical nail reconstruction (MNR) covers the application of a cosmetic nail enhancement system to improve and treat the appearance of an unsightly dystrophic or mycotic nail using a medical aseptic technique. It also utilises a system chosen for a number of specific reasons, including safety technology. Correct NICE guideline treatment protocol has also been incorporated to facilitate correct treatment procedures for onychomycosis (fungal nail infection).

“The MNR course covers three modules, a documented homework task, a client/patient case study, a multiple choice test and a one-to-one online practical session using a case study presentation to work on. To take part in the course, you need to be qualified in a professional enhancement/rebalance services and e-file training. The course can then be completed at your own pace with online tutor support throughout.

“Training in medical nail reconstruction offers further knowledge and understanding around areas contraindicated in a normal beauty service, giving technicians the opportunity to offer a completely new treatment designed specifically to cover those areas. It would enable technicians to offer a completely comprehensive service and include dystrophic and mycotic nail treatments.

“Foot health is probably more important now than ever! The prevalence of diabetes today and the immense strain on our health service is at an all-time high. That coupled with the popularity of nail care and cosmetic services highlights a definite need to raise awareness and professionalism between sectors. As professionals, we have a duty of care. We should arm ourselves with knowledge – by doing this and working together we can provide premium care to our clients.”