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How & why nail techs should practice self-care this festive season

By Guest Writer | 26 November 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature, Health & wellbeing

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Fiona Fox, owner of Dorset salon, Ulu Beauty, provides training to beauty pros on areas including mental health awareness, safeguarding, and equality and diversity.

Here, she explores the importance of self-care for nail techs during the festive season and simple self-care fixes.

For many, Christmas is a time to look and feel their best. Nail technicians play a pivotal role in helping people achieve this, by creating seasonal nail designs and providing pampering experiences. The demand for nail services skyrockets during the festive season, making it an especially hectic period. While we work tirelessly to make clients’ nails shine, it’s crucial to remember that we deserve self-care, too.

Here’s my five pointers to bear in mind this holiday season…

1. Physical wellbeing

Our job requires us to sit for extended periods, bend and constantly use our hands and wrists – and for even longer hours during this time of year. Neglecting self-care can lead to physical strain, fatigue and injuries. Regular self-care includes taking short breaks, maintaining good posture and stretching.

2. Mental health

The festive season has its stresses, and nail techs are no exception to this. Increased workloads, demanding clients and the pressure to meet high expectations can take a toll on our mental health. Practicing self-care techniques like mindfulness, meditation or simply taking time to recharge, can significantly improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress. I like to plan something to look forward to after my last appointment of each day, like a long shower or watching TV with some chocolate!

3. Creative inspiration

The Christmas season is a time when clients expect dazzling nail designs. Nail techs need to stay inspired and creative, which can prove tricky when we’re busy and stressed. Taking time for self-care allows us to recharge our creative energy and conceive fresh and exciting ideas for clients, ensuring that every appointment is special.

4. Client love

The relationship between nail techs and clients is built on trust and rapport, and can be strengthened by practising self-care. Neglecting self-care can lead to irritability, decreased patience, a negative mindset and a reduced ability to provide excellent customer service.

5. Preventing burnout

For nail technicians, the increased rush of clients and higher demand for intricate nail art at Christmas can lead to burnout, if self-care is ignored. Burnout can result in physical and emotional exhaustion, a decrease in the quality of our work and disillusionment with our profession. Self-care acts as a safeguard against burnout, ensuring we can continue doing what we love for years to come.

Practicing self-care is a necessity, not a luxury, and can help you to not only survive the busy Christmas period, but thrive in it, creating beautiful nail looks and joyful client experiences. This holiday season, let’s remember the importance of putting ourselves first!