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Is your nail salon inclusive?

By Guest Writer | 09 April 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

Maddie Regan

Maddie Regan, Scratch columnist & top tech at 81 Rose Garden, shares some pointers to ensuring your salon is more inclusive…

One of the most important things that I have learnt during my time in our industry is that there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach. Every client is different; it’s up to you to make your salon and the treatments you offer as welcoming and diverse as possible.

Never has it been more important to consider how your salon can better serve and represent its community. To create a more inclusive salon environment, think hard not just about the treatments you offer, but also your salon experience so that everyone who walks through your door feels comfortable.

Having a diverse team of staff is good for creativity, productivity, and retention. It is also good for your bottom line. If you are a manager, make sure that your recruiting process is transparent and remember that work that requires equal skill, effort and responsibility should be paid the same – regardless of identity, race, physical ability or age.

It’s important to invest in the education of your team. This does not just include the latest trends and product advances, but also diversity and inclusion training which teaches us about differences.

Be authentic in your representation and showcase the unique differences that make up your community, team, and client base. Offer services and products for all skin (and hair, if applicable) types. At our salon we hire stylists and technicians who specialise in working with various hair and skin types. We also use products formulated for a variety of hair types and skin colours.

Welcome individuals of all cultures and backgrounds into your salon space and promote your dedication to inclusion. You could consider having treatment options in languages other than English if your business is in an area where another language is prominent. Enabling non-English speaking customers to feel comfortable in your business can make a big difference in serving these groups. Also, think about the music you play. Adding tracks in other languages or a variety of musical genres to your playlist can go a long way to make all cultures and different age groups feel welcome.

It is important that your salon is accessible to as many people as possible. Previously at 81 Rose Garden, we struggled to attract older clients into the salon as we had such a young team and that communicated the wrong message. Also, don’t forget many people, especially in these challenging times, are on tight budgets, such as older customers who live on fixed incomes, so consider offering special discounts at quieter periods in the salon as well as loyalty cards.

Mums and mums-to-be have their own unique needs and considerations, too. They need pampering! Consider creating a mother-focused package. For the parent who wants to bring their child with them to the salon, dedicate certain times of the day when they would all be particularly welcome.

The appeal for nail services has never been greater. That appeal offers a huge opportunity to build a good business, but to succeed we must all work hard to become a part of our communities – both reflecting it and connecting with everyone in it.