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Keeping it in the family: The day my little sister showed us her hidden nail talent

By Guest Writer | 04 May 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

Jazz Eliza Smedley
Lead image L-R: Mike & Jazz Christodoulou, Jason & Georgie Smedley, Eliza Smedley

Many of you may be familiar with Jazz Christodoulou; general manager of GS Group Ltd, award-winning nail tech and protegé of Georgie Smedley. Georgie just so happens to be her mother – a hugely successfully tech, educator and distributor who has travelled the globe to showcase her nail skills.

While Jazz’s path into nails has always been clear (she’s been passionate about the profession from a young age), her younger sister Eliza, hasn’t shown quite the same admiration for the craft – until now.

“Eliza and I are like chalk and cheese,” Jazz comments. “I’m girly and love pink and she loves wearing black. She often comes to work at GS Group Ltd with the rest of the family (myself, mum Georgie and dad Jason); helping out with stock takes and often being a model for our Monday Facebook Live videos, but she’s very focused on her school work and is currently learning Japanese.

“Eliza has seen the good and bad sides of the industry and where it’s taken us as a family; from parties and events to working at X Factor and more. It came as a surprise, however, when we were sitting in the living room at my mum’s house and my mum said she was going to do her nails – with Eliza responding, ‘Can I do them?’. It was the first time she’s ever attempted a set of nails and, while under the instruction and supervision of my mum, she applied a full set of Gelish Soft Gel Tips and painted them!

“Eliza picks things up very quickly; whether it’s skateboarding, playing guitar or learning Japanese. With nails, it was the same. She just…did it! I also picked up nail skills quite quickly and am delighted that we have a similarity.

“Our family is so unbelievably proud of Eliza. She is so funny and cheeky and no matter what career she chooses to pursue, if she’s happy, we’ll be happy. I don’t think she’s thought too much about what she wants to do in the future, but we’re not pushing her until she’s ready. I’m happy to have her as my assistant, especially as she makes a banging cup of tea!”

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