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Kenyan nail tech & pastor shares how nail services have flourished in city of Narok

By Alex Fox | 29 May 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

John Mwangi Nails Kenya

In a bid to take care of his family, John Mwangi, known to many as Mwangi Cutex, began a journey with nails 14 years ago.

Starting out mobile on the streets of his city Narok in Kenya, John literally sat kerbside and painted the nails of abiding women as they passed by. His nail skills and fame grew with time and after 10 years working mobile he moved from the street to a small salon. Three months later he was so busy that he rented the shop next door to widen his space. Then after 10 months, his success led to opening a second salon, leading to opening his third two years later.

The first nail tech to work and operate in Narok, John is proud to say he fathered the now healthy competition that surges there, with all the working techs and salons being previous students and employees.

His salon menu is diverse with the most popular treatments being pedicure, gel polish, nail polish, press-on nails, fibreglass tip & overlay, facials and make-up application.

A no-appointment-necessary regime, John services walk-ins, namely local women, who not only enjoy the nail art treats and services on offer, but the relaxed and fun atmosphere that John has created.

Not just a flourishing nail tech in Narok, back in 2015, John became Pastor John Mwangi. “I preach in a branch of the Christ is the King Fellowship (CTKF) every Sunday and at 1pm for an hour all through the week,” confides Pastor John. “My congregation is small yet growing as I only began the Narok branch of this church in September 2019.

“I love doing nails, and decided I could do so much better if I was running a salon and I was right, since it has allowed me to expand over time. I love that I can help young people to have work and be able to take responsibility for their own life.

“I have 14 members of staff, which includes my two brothers and my sister, and being able to help them is so important to me. I was given this calling in life to do nails, just as God called me to become a pastor, and both of these things bring so much joy to me, my family and others.”

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