Knowing Karen Louise

By Sophie Nutt | 07 June 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Karen Louise

Meet Karen Louise, a super-cool session stylist and Salon System and Gellux techspert who juggles photo shoots with exciting nail gigs and celebrity clients.

Known for het chic geometric and negative space designs, tailoring looks to celebrity clients and getting creative on set, Scratch catches up with Karen Louise…

What has you hooked on nails?
I am a perfectionist and when I’m finishing off any nail look, I focus on every tiny detail. I love that I can create immaculate nails where every aspect of the design has been considered. Besides that, I love the amazing feeling that comes with getting your nails done – a manicure instantly makes you feel better. If you go out with your friends at the weekend and your nail aren’t done, you don’t feel done. It was this side of things that initially drew me in because I always had this love for nails; now I just enjoy making other people happy through nails.

What fascinates you about the nail industry?
Everything changes and the industry is always progressing. It’s never been more important that it is now for techs to keep up-to-date with new technology, products and treatments. The more knowledge you have, the more you can pass on to others and the more you can look after and care for your clients.

Describe a day in your life…
Well it’s not a 9-5; it’s when I wake up and when I go to sleep! The first thing I do in the morning is check emails and there’s usually information about a job that I had picked up the day before. If I’m not out at a shoot then I’m prepping nails, with clients or on social media, which is so important in this industry. Everything is planned day by day.

At the beginning of a week I could think that I have nothing on and a few days later I need to get assistants to help me to cover shoot days because I’ve become unbelievably busy. Luckily I have a lot of regular clients that are often happy if someone else has to cover me, meaning I have some flexibility, which is a necessity in this line of work. I take each day as it comes because I never know what’s around the corner. If I haven’t had anything through 8pm the night prior then I know the day is free, but otherwise – anything can happen!

What principles do you live by?
I take every day as it comes and implement this into my work and private life. I don’t stress about things that haven’t happened yet. Taking this into consideration while working helps me to keep calm as, on set, it can often be intimidating, as sometimes I am requested to create a flawless manicure with nail art and for it to be dry in five minutes. I always try my best to stay calm, as the client thanks me for it after.

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