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Lash treatments: A must-have for millennial men?

By Guest Writer | 19 February 2022 | Business, Feature

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Lisa Stone, Salon System educator and lash & brow expert, explores the benefits of lash extensions, lifts & tints for men…

Lisa Stone

I’ve witnessed serious growth in the number of male clients requesting lash extensions. With salons shut, many lash therapists have turned to ‘lashing’ their partners to keep themselves busy and prevent techniques going rusty. I have seen lots of photos on social media of the most beautiful eyes and as much as the full-on glam look may not suit everyone, opening up your lash services to male clients could make great business.

By 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about $81.2 billion.

The beauty industry is for everyone and should be accessible to all genders without them feeling intimidated or judged. As a therapist, we should be open and understanding of everyone’s needs and our business should be accommodating, creating a warm and welcoming environment to all. Offering treatments to a diverse range of clients will increase your revenue, too.

The millennial man has been inspired by reality TV; the clean, sharp well-groomed image of celebrities is a popular look.

More and more men are seeking salon treatments to help enhance their look and build confidence and self-esteem. Treatments such as waxing, facials, manicures and tanning have long been favourites, but why should it stop there?


Lash extensions can dramatically enhance the eyes in the most subtle way, creating more open, younger looking eyes. There is so much choice in regard to lash length, curls and thicknesses and, along with different colours, a natural look can be easily achieved. Use shades of brown – from dark to light – with clear glue for fair skin and hair tones, such as blonde clients whose lashes are fair or invisible, or dark brown to black for darker skin and hair.

Keeping the length and curl not too far from natural lashes you can create definition and volume, enhance or disguise eye shape and make the face look brighter and younger. To help market this service take lots of before and after photos, promote heavily on social media to let your clients know that this service is available.

The lift & tint

More and more male clients are opting for the popular lash lift and tint due to its low maintenance and amazing results. Again, just like lash extensions, this service is so easy to adapt to accommodate a male client. A less intense lift can be achieved with a bigger shield and choosing a natural to dark brown tint or even a graphite to give a natural less mascara look to the lashes.

Lash lifts and tints make a huge difference to eyes and can boost confidence and are a great replacement for the need to wear mascara. So many male clients have long lashes but they can be  incredibly straight and can grow downwards, so a subtle lift can make the eyes look more open, less droopy and younger and boost confidence.

With the lashes being enhanced we must not forget to groom the brows! This is nothing new to our industry, as most men now will get a quick brow trim and tidy when they visit their barber but how many men get a brow tint? It’s great service to promote to disguise the odd grey hair or to create more definition and vibrancy and it takes no time at all to do, followed by a wax or thread. Trimming big, bushy unruly brows will look fabulous and could take years off the face, with more and more colour options available for custom blending the look to one that’s subtle and works with the client’s skin tone and natural hair colour.

All these services will need good marketing and lots of before and after photos.

Make good use of social media platforms and websites to get the message out there. Why not offer male lash and brow grooming packages on your price list and tell your male clients about these services?

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