Laura Easby on nail idols, artistic style and our industry

By Kat Hill | 30 June 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Laura Easby4

Tell us about your training…

I decided to go straight from school to college where I trained in Beauty & Spa Therapies. From then started an apprenticeship, and this is definitely where I developed my crazy work ethic! The nail route really called to me and I knew this was what I wanted to peruse, starting with CND Shellac™ then training with Nail Harmony in Gelish and Pro-Hesion, alongside the E-File course. I’ve only been on one nail art course which was One Stroke with Brillbird.


Who do you admire in the industry?

A favourite technician of mine is Amy Rickaby who owns Beauty Works by Amy. Amy lives just around the corner from me and we always help each other out. I really admire her work and style. She’s a hard worker and loves to experiment with new things but she is also a beautiful person who’s down to earth! Another person I’ve discovered recently is Nailed it by Alyssia who I found on Instagram. I absolutely loveher work!


What designs do you love to create?

I love simple and sweet nails, sometimes less is more. But I have a few clients who are always bringing me wild and wacky designs which I love as they push and inspire me! A few styles I’m partial too are chevrons, dried flowers which became very popular a few years ago but are still so popular now!


If you had to pick one, what nail colour would characterise your personality?

My clients could answer this one for me – black! I love the colour; it’s shiny, sleek and super sassy.


What treatment or nail technique are you planning to add to your services?

I really want to venture into the sculpting technique for the acrylic system. It’s something I never quite mastered at first so I didn’t try it again. Now I’d love to get going with it!


What is the most exciting thing about the UK nail industry?

It’s such an innovative industry. There’s always something new happening, and it never stands still for long!


If you weren’t doing nails, what would you be doing?

I always laugh when I talk about this but definitely something with animals, mainly dogs. My little dachshund, Mavis, who is very popular with customers. She changed my life when I got her and it was from then I thought  I’d love to work in the animal world.

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