Chloe Randall

Love lashes? Pinkfishes has your extension needs covered

By Chloe Randall | 24 June 2022 | Brands, Feature

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It’s the bold brand with a standout selection of products to extend and enhance lashes. And now, Pinkfishes is ready to reveal its backstory – alongside product and training offerings.

Pinkfishes founders, Tina and Annie, met in 2009 when Tina hired Annie to join the team in her salon, and she quickly worked her way to the manager. Annie’s qualifications and experience in lash extensions meant the salon could expand its offering of semi-permanent treatments from ‘Classics’, to also include Russian and hybrid lash extensions. And these styles began to soar in popularity across their client base.

“While working in the salon, we tried and tested many different eyelash products and brands but perceived that products available were either expensive or had a ‘plastic like’ low quality,” reveals Tina.

“We had spotted a gap in the market, and this is how Pinkfishes was born.”

Tina sold the salon and the pair both invested their time and money into developing their own eyelash brand and became business partners.

“With our combined skills of owning previous businesses and beauty/eyelash knowledge, we spent over a year focusing on finding the best suppliers and developing the brand,” Tina continues.

Launched in November 2017 in Tina’s garage, the business grew through attendance at trade shows, sending out samples, leaflets and creating a social media presence. By December 2018, Pinkfishes had outgrown the garage and Tina and Annie upgraded to a unit in Chelmsford, Essex.

“These premises were a lot bigger and allowed us to set up a training academy offering various eyelash and brow courses. We also hired staff and trainers to help us keep up with growing demand.

The Pinkfishes brand offers:

  • Over 800 variations of lashes
  • Adhesives
  • Liquids
  • Accessories
  • Lash lift products
  • Training courses suitable for beginners to advanced lash technicians
  • Strip lashes
  • Brow lamination
  • Subscription service on lash adhesives

“Our product range is always expanding as we stay on top of market trends so that we can offer our customers the latest must-haves,” comments Tina.

“Lash trends change over time, so we have to adapt and pre-empt market changes.”

“As lash artistry develops, more styling techniques emerge and we therefore want to offer our customers the products to be able to offer these styles to their customers. For instance, this year, interest in coloured lashes has peaked so we have added eight colours to our range as well as pre-fanned coloured lashes which are not widely available on the market.”

Over the last five years, Pinkfishes has expanded and moved offices, opened a walk-in store and a training school. The lash brand also now ships products globally and most recently this year, has started supplying to various wholesalers.

“We want Pinkfishes to continue to grow, we are currently expanding our training school, offering two new training locations in Kent & Sussex.

“We are looking for more distributors to stock our products, so they are available worldwide. As always, we are developing and launching products and we are hiring and on-boarding more staff to keep up with the increasing order numbers and to allow for us to have more time attending lash shows, conferences and talks to be more present in the lash community.”

Check out Pinkfishes here.