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Love L&P? Check out Bexy Glow, the brand redefining ratios & nail artistry with its acrylic formulations

By Callie Iley | 02 February 2024 | Brands, Feature, Products & Treatments

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Frustrated with the limitations of existing L&P formulations, Becky Willett set out to create an acrylic product range with a rainbow of shades to inspire creativity.

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Paige Chohan & Becky Willett

Becky, a professional nail technician, has been working with L&P since 2015, noting that the existing acrylic products she used maintained a wet or runny consistency regardless of the liquid & powder ratio used. “It became one of the biggest issues for me to overcome, and almost made me consider giving up on L&P altogether, but I didn’t want to feel defeated by something I had so much passion for,” she says.

Determined to find a solution, Becky teamed up with her business development partner, Paige Chohan. The duo worked to create an acrylic formula to suit Becky’s day-to-day use, while also benefitting the wider nail community, launching Bexy Glow in July 2022.

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“Focusing solely on acrylic formulations was a bold move, but I knew it would change the game for L&P. After nearly a year and a half of Paige and I working hard to develop our innovative formula and branding, Bexy Glow was ready to be born,” Becky reveals.

“We want to create great products that we believe are missing from the industry, offering something different that our community loves, for technicians to enjoy and benefit from using,” she smiles. “Creativity is Bexy Glow’s main ingredient in every product.

“Our aim is to inspire technicians to take chances and dare to do something new or different with their nail sets.”

Bexy Glow Valentines Acrylic Powders

Bexy Glow’s product range includes the following:

  • Cover Acrylic Powders in plain colour and shimmer shades.
  • Colour & Glitter Acrylic collections.
  • Perfect Prep nail dehydrator.
  • Perfect Bond acid-free nail primer.
  • Perfect Gloss non-wipe top coat.
  • Nail essentials e.g. tips, brushes and files.

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“We have a long way to go, but our success to us is more defined by our continuous drive to create beautiful, consistent products that can help and inspire others,” Becky shares. “One of our core aims was to create an engaged and passionate community who love our products as much as we do, and we have an incredible following who constantly make me feel proud of what we have created.

“The feedback from them is so important to the brand, particularly in what they want to see from us next, and it inspires me to always do the best I can when developing and releasing Bexy Glow products.

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“Our products are designed to suit any nail technician, from beginner to experienced,” she continues. “Our priority was to create a self-levelling, buttery smooth, HEMA-free formula that helps reduce file time and prevent bulky application, and our nail tips are created pre-shaped for little to no filing before acrylic is applied.

“The packaging design was super important to us. We wanted a design that gives a standout shelf moment in salons, where you can tell from just a glance what the brand is. We’ve opted for vibrant and bold hues, making pink and green our staple branding shades, but were sure to give our packaging a chic, elegant touch so that Bexy Glow products will fit in with every salon’s style.”

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Bexy Glow has no plans of slowing down its success, with goals to continue developing and expanding the brand by exploring other nail systems and accessories, and making its mark on the world of competitions as sponsor for the Scratch Stars Awards Mixed Media Artist of the Year 2024 category.

Shop Bexy Glow’s range of bright, bold and inspiring products via its website.

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