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Maisie Dunbar’s 12 tips for nail salon success post lockdown

By Guest Writer | 10 January 2021 | Business, Feature, Tech Talk

Maisie Dunbar Salon Success

Award-winning beauty ambassador and consultant, Maisie Dunbar, shares her pointers for maintaining salon success post-lockdown…

  1. Do not scrimp on universal sanitation and health & safety practices as outlined by government. Make sure you wipe down the chairs, lamps, after every guest.
  2. Keep track of your new inventory so you don’t run out i.e. gloves, shields, mask, extra disinfectant wipes, hair nets. Consider retailing branded shields and masks to your clients and monitor your additional expenses.
  3. Nurture your current/former client base; keep in touch with them or give them a call to explain your new safety procedures.
  4. Host a virtual how-to care event with your VIP clients. Post a gift bag with samples of products you sell for all who attend.
  5. Introduce a referral challenge. Whoever refers the most clients within a month receives a free gift, such as a complimentary treatments.
  6. Implement a membership programme to incentivise returns.
  7. If you have unused space, sublease the space with an hour or per day rate with a business that is in alignment. i.e. A tee shirt company that needs a small space, a travelling manicurist, travelling makeup or lash artist.
  8. Sell pre paid packages/services so clients are encouraged to book multiple treatments.
  9. Introduce or maximise the marketing of gift certificates.
  10. Host a friends and family day so clients can try what you offer and introduce their loved ones to your salon menu.
  11. Create a marketing calendar so you never miss the opportunity to promote a seasonal service.
  12. Host as many virtual events as possible in free time so that clients know you are there, and if you need to close you can offer virtual care guides for a free.

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