MANI MONDAY: Abstract paint

By Sophie Nutt | 08 April 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

Alyssa Nails

Begin the week the right way with some nail inspiration this mani Monday!

Marking the start of a new week, Mondays are often the perfect day to consider how you can shake up your nail art and start thinking about new designs to offer clients for the days ahead.

This is exactly what Alyssa, of Nail’d It By Alyssa, discussed in one of her recent Instagram posts with the caption:

“How do you push yourself to be more creative on a daily basis? ⁣

(Nail art, or in general!)⁣

Any chance I get, I’ll do an original set. I know how hard I work trying to be fresh and new with art.. it’s taken years for me to be comfortable doing so but we’re always growing and evolving, right?!

With that said, ONE thing to go along with that…. always credit if you have been inspired by another artist! How sad does it feel when something you pulled out of your own head ends up somewhere else unnoticed?! N I’m done.”

Alyssa’s post was accompanied by this stunning nail look featuring abstract ‘splatters’ of paint over the top of a barely-there nude hue. Expressing creativity, the design is immaculately ‘messy’, embracing the abstract art design that we are seeing more and more of across social media platforms. Bright and vibrant for the new season, the nail design comprises of many colourful hues that are set to be popular this spring/summer, meaning you don’t have to pick just one! Alyssa took inspiration from Stephanie, of The QC Nail Bar, for the nail look and we encourage you to have a go, too.

Check out more of Alyssa’s work here!