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How to market male grooming services

By Scratch Staff | 15 June 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

Male Grooming Image Courtesy Of The Gel Bottle Inc

Are you boosting your beauty business by opening up your doors and treatments to male clients? Here, the experts reveal how to market yourself successfully…

“You already have a strong female clientele base and these clients may have husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, uncles and friends – all potential customers at your fingertips,” explains Lisa Stone, Salon System expert. “Discuss your male services with them making them aware of what you offer.

“Know your clientele. Look at what’s around you; are there any local gyms you can target, garages or business centres? These are great places to advertise but select and promote the right services. For example, waxing back and chest for your body builders in the gym could be effective.”

“Utilise the wonder of word of mouth,” enthuses Aldwyn Boscawen, founder of Aldwyn & Sons. “For established salons, it is through your customer base. If every single one of your female clients sent one man in for a treatment, you have doubled your customer base overnight. Remember that your best sales people are your existing clients – they like you and they know the benefits of the treatments.

“Customer experience is more important than ever before, with consumers placing their pound with businesses that not only offer a product or service, but an exceptional experience too.”

“We invest a lot of time into our initiatives,” explains Marcus Allen, global VP of The Refinery. “Our clients have built meaningful relationships with our team members, and they feel that they can reach out to them with ease, and vice-versa.”

Going digital

“Our presence on social media is an indispensable tool in building brand awareness,” continues Marcus Allen. “We’re planning to refresh our Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to help bolster the reach of these platforms with even more engaging content.”

Instagram is your best friend,” implores Andy Rouillard, owner of Axiom Bodyworks & Axiom Wax Academy. “Before and after shots of waxing, brow treatments, spray tans, even step-by-step pictures of manicure and pedicure services all attract positive attention and help take some of the mystery away for new male clients, too.”


“Rewards schemes and loyalty cards are a great way to keep clients coming back to the salon,” enthuses Jim Shaw, owner of Essensuals and Essensualsmen, Billericay. “Offers and deals, which can be promoted on social media, in your salon windows and also in newsletters to clients, are also helpful.

“Packages are also great to get clients coming in for different services at the one appointment. At our salon we offer a ‘Groom The Groom’ service, to get grooms and their groomsmen ready for the big day and feeling and looking their very best. We also collaborate with local men’s designer shops to provide our male clients with a total new look and styling advice.”

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