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May the fox be with you: 20-minute Chroma Ink masterclass with Sam Biddle exclusively created for Scratch

By Alex Fox | 30 April 2021 | Feature, Training

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Nail artist Sam Biddle of Be Inspired has created a new, fresh & exclusive to Scratch 20-minute video masterclass on how to use the latest alcohol inks from Chroma Ink. (Scroll to the bottom of page for the video tutorial.)

Sam Biddle

Watch here and see how quite simply by working step by step, a gorgeous animal character can be painted onto the nail. A truly effective and stunning nail is revealed in just 20-minutes when following Sam’s style and art rhythm.

For those that want to learn more… Sam has a section on her online learning platform Be Inspired where you can learn more on how to use these alcohol inks.

BOOM: Sam is offering Scratch readers – 50% off the whole ink kit price when nail artists purchase the complete ink course.

There is also a 20% off discount for those that also then subscribe to Sam’s masterclass. Click on this link to find out more:

 Chromaink & where it all began

Chromaink Nails products have been created by Layney Grant. Originally studying fine art in East Sussex, Layney fell in love with watercolour and how easy and quick it is to create paintings in a fraction of the time in comparison to other paint media. She later trained to be a nail artist using nails as mini canvases to showcase her art.

Using her knowledge of painting, Layney designed a range of watercolour style inks to be used on nails. These inks are an effective way of giving clients stunning nail art in the quickest time possible.

Layney Grant- Chromaink Nails

“Fast drying, yet easy to manipulate using the clear ink, mixing the ink colours gives an endless array of colours,” highlights Layney. “You also get more sets of nails out of a bottle of ink in comparison to gel polish, so it’s cost effective for salon use.

“The possibilities and designs are only limited by what you’re willing to try, from simple marbling to stunning watercolour style works of art – all of these are possible and created remarkably simply too.

Chromaink new 2021 colours. Orange, purple & merlot – 15ml bottle is £6.50 each inc VAT. The entire set of 17 inks is £85.

“Chromaink Nails Inks are different to others on the market, as they are thinner, dry quicker and are also easier to manipulate, giving nail artists far more control over their work. They are also acid-free and highly pigmented.”  use SCRATCH20 discount code on your first order!