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Meet Madelene Wolf, Nailympia Global Champion 2017

By Scratch Staff | 24 May 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Madelene Wolf

Esteemed tech, Madelene Wolf, reveals more about her competition journey, and the story that led up to her being crowned Nailympia Global Champion 2017…

Q: What year did you join the nail industry and train in nails?

A: I began my education in Gothenburg in 1997, but did not start working in nails that year. Instead, I was working as a florist. In 2001 I started working full-time in nails.

Q: Who have you trained with and which products have you used?

A: I have trained with so many good nail techs over the years, Najet Hamila Strand (Sweden), Tom Holcomb (USA), Karin Ström (Sweden), David Fowler (Germany) and Eva Darabos (Hungary). Each one has given me many great techniques, tips and inspiration too. I’ve utilised everything I’ve learned and found my own technique and way of working, which has taken me to the top.

I have tried many different brands… Creative Nail Design (CND), EzFlow, Young Nails, Odyssey , OPI, Lillynails and INDIGO.

Q: Why did you start competing?

A: I started competing while working at Karin Ström’s salon in Sweden. At the time, she was prolific in the competition arena. I thought it looked fun and I’m a competitive person in everything I do, as I’m always looking to get better and to further develop my skills, so I saw competitions as a super challenge for me.

Q: Where was your first competition and in what year?

A: My first competition was in Sweden in 1997. As I had started my nail training, Karin Ström thought it was a good time for me to take part in my first competition. My aim was to not come last! I came second to last and was really happy with this placing. Karin saw the talent and potential inside me and helped me with my nail and competition career.

Q: Why did you choose to enter a Nailympia competition and where was it located?

A: Year 2001 was my first time at The Nail Olympics (now known as Nailympia) in Las Vegas, USA. I chose this competition because I was part of a group from Sweden who travelled there together to compete. It was a big event and I did not think I would stand any chance of placing, but I was wrong! I did a very good job and won in Division 2.

Q: What year did you first come to Nailympia London?

A: My first experience in Las Vegas was so enjoyable that I went back again to compete. I’ve since entered Nailympia London five times, travelled to Sydney for Nailympia Australia and Texas for Nailympia USA. I chose to enter these competitions because they are so well organised and attract many good competitors that have similar skill levels to mine. This gave me the challenge I needed to make me work harder in order to reach the top!

Q: Why did you want to win the Nailympia Global Cup?

A: I wanted to win the global nail cup as it marked the end my competition career in the most prestigious way possible internationally. I also see it as the biggest win for nails in the industry. 

Q: How has competing changed your nail career – what positives have you experienced?

A: Now I have retired from the competition floor I have begun teaching others in competition techniques/styles to help them higher their skills. It’s exciting to see them out there competing and I love to watch them succeed.

Q: How has winning the Nailympia Global Cup changed your life?

A: Competitions changed the way I see nail structure. Learning more about this year on year made me work hard to reach the top. Other positives to competing have been that I met so many lovely people, which share the same interest and I’ve got a lot of experience from watching other competitors around the world. To be Global Champion has changed my nail life in a way that I’m now invited to train techs all over the world! They want to hear about my nail career and want to do nails like me – and that is so lovely! 

Q: What are you doing now?

A: Now I’m retired from competitions I work exclusively on educating others and help them to also reach the top as I have. I also hope to judge in future.

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