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Meet the CEO of cool-girl brand, CiCi Body Skin Care

By Emma Hobday | 20 July 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Scratch chats to Chantal about the CiCi launch, her favourite product and why she loves having her own brand

32cy20ha1Chantal began her career with a bang at 18 years old, working as a nail tech in a local salon named Scratch, where she diligently built her client base and along with it, her impressive reputation. When the salon owner decided to sell the business, Chantal took a leap and took over the salon. Now, 15 years later she is continuing to make her mark on the nail and beauty industry with the launch of her own product line.

“I wanted to use my industry knowledge to develop a range of products with the customer in mind,” Chantal comments. “Lockdown was the perfect opportunity for me to really get things moving, after spending years planning and researching to find what I believe is the perfect body skincare and tanning range.”

upeyttjw Chantal started the CiCi brand in May this year with four products; a bronzing foam, a bronzing facial mist, an aloe vera body lotion and a coffee scrub, which are all vegan friendly and developed using responsible and cruelty free testing. The brand launch was a long time in the making, with the businesswoman ensuring that she tested and developed every product to her own high standards.

Orders are being received from all over the UK and Chantal humbly comments that she never thought the brand would be so popular. “It has been a challenge to manage the right level of stock to meet the demand, as previously the products were selling so fast we were struggling to get the stock quickly enough! The initial financial outlay of the business can be daunting, but I had faith in the products and we’ve now managed to get the balance just right,” she smiles.

3ygvskaa1She believes it is vital to develop high quality products which are focused on quality, effectiveness and consumer trust, with her favourite product being the bronzing foam. “The colour is gorgeous with such natural bronze tones, and the application is flawless. It’s had some of our best feedback and is currently our best seller,” she reveals.

So what’s her favourite part about having her own brand? “I have developed something that I strongly believe in. It’s something I have always wanted to do, and when I look at my retail stand with CiCi on there is nothing I would change.

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Chantal’s team, from the Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon, are finalists in the Scratch Stars Awards, taking place on 25 July. Read more and book tickets here.