Meet The World’s Star Nail Artist shortlist: MARIJA DENIZ, Denmark

By Carter Rogers | 11 May 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

Wsna Featured Image Marija Deniz

Marija Deniz is a nail artist from Sjaelland, Denmark, and one of the 21 shortlisted applicants in The World’s Star Nail Artist competition 2023. Get to know her, below…

What’s your background in nails?

I have  had a passion for creativity and design since childhood, and the nail industry allows me to express my artistic side.

I have pursued various courses and training programmes to improve my skills and knowledge, and am constantly seeking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. Ultimately, I entered the nail industry because I love the sense of satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful and unique.

What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

I reached the final of the first nail competition I ever entered. It was a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills and creativity on a larger platform and an incredible feeling to be recognized for my hard work and dedication to the craft. It gave me confidence to continue pursuing my passion for nails.

What are your career goals and aspirations?

My ultimate career goal is to become a well known and sought-after artist within the nail industry. I also aspire to open my own nail salon and school one day, in which I can create a warm and welcoming environment for clients and students, and offer a wide range of high-quality nail services and classes.

What’s your signature nail style and favoured techniques?

I would describe myself as a versatile artist who loves to experiment with different styles and techniques. I have a particular passion for creating realistic, hand-painted portraits on nails, as I can showcase my attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of a person or object in a small space. When creating hand-painted portraits on nails, I always begin by carefully studying the subject I am trying to replicate, I pay close attention to details such as shading, highlights and colour tones, and I work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the portrait is as accurate and lifelike as possible.

What do you love about working in the nail industry?

I am passionate about using my platform as a nail artist to inspire others. I believe that nails can be a powerful form of self-expression and self-care, and I want to help others discover the joy and creativity that can come from exploring this art form. My goal is to make a positive impact on the nail industry.

How did you feel to be shortlisted in The World’s Star Nail Artist competition?

When I first found out that I had been shortlisted, I was both excited and nervous because it was an amazing opportunity to showcase my skills and creativity to a wider audience and judges, but I was nervous because I knew that the competition would be tough and I would be competing against some of the best nail artists from around the world.

How did you find the preliminary challenge?

I found it to be both challenging and exciting as it required a lot of creativity and skill to create a unique design that matches all the theme requirement. I really enjoyed the opportunity to push myself creatively and experiment with new techniques and designs. The process was difficult and time consuming as it required a lot of attention to detail and careful planning of the design and colours to bring my vision to life.

What is this competition doing for your profile and skillset?

This competition has been a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills and gain exposure in the industry and I have been able to push myself creatively and refine my techniques, alongside connecting with other nail professionals and having a chance to learn from them. The tips and tricks I have been able to pick up and incorporate in my own work has been valuable to my skillset.

If you could create artistic nails for anyone, who would it be and what design would you create?

I would love to create a design for Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer known for her bold and avant-garde designs, and I think it would be amazing to create a nail art design that reflects her unique vision and creativity. For the design, I would incorporate some of the signature elements from her designs, such as the use of bold colours and unexpected textures. I might also incorporate some of the surrealistic motifs that she used in her work, such as the famous lobster motif that she collaborated on with fellow artist Salvador Dalí. I would love to create a design that celebrates Elsa Schiaparelli’s legacy as a pioneering figure in the fashion world, and that captures the playful and daring spirit of her designs.

What would it mean to you to win this competition?

Winning The World’s Star Nail Artist would be the ultimate validation of my passion and dedication to the nail artistry. The very idea of having my work recognised on a global stage fills me with an indescribable sense of excitement and anticipation.

As a nail artist, there is no greater honour than being acknowledged, and the prospect of achieving this through this competition is thrilling. The thought of being able to create stunning and innovative designs that inspire and captivate people from all over the world is what drives me to push the boundaries of my creativity and skills.

The potential opportunities that come with winning The World’s Star Nail Artist competition are endless, from building my brand to collaborating with others industry professionals. Winning this competition would be a life-changing experience, one that would fill me with a deep sense of pride, accomplishment, and passion for the nail art.

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