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My experience of Salon System’s dual lash & brow lift system

By Chloe Randall | 29 July 2021 | Feature, Health & wellbeing

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To celebrate the launch of Salon System‘s new dual treatment lash & brow lift system, I headed to 58 South Molton Street in London to experience a brow lamination myself.

With the brow lamination and lash lift becoming increasingly popular with customers, Salon System has created a two in one system to help the demand. The easy three step system lifts lashes for 8 weeks and laminates brows for 3 to 4 weeks to complete your client’s eye treatment.

Upon arriving at the gorgeous treatment rooms near Oxford Street, London, I was greeted and taken to have a consultation before commencing with any treatment.

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After a short consultation establishing my medical history and my brow wishes, I was taken to meet Salon System expert, Lisa Stone.

Lisa was so incredibly friendly and completely focused in achieving my desired brow look, while also offering her expertise and suggesting brow styles using her knowledge.

Firstly, my brows were thoroughly cleansed whilst I relaxed back on the treatment bed. When this was done, Lisa applied the newly reformulated Salon System Lashlift Lift Lotion, which softens the hairs of the brow so they can then be brushed into the style of choice. The lotion contains collagen to help protect and strengthen, panthenol to offer rehydration and volume and cysteamine HCL to enable hair bonds to strengthen and reform.

Next, Salon System Lashlift Fix Lotion was used to fix the hairs into place for lamination with a clean applicator whilst continuing to shape of the brow into the desired, finished position. The lotion was then allowed to process for approximately 6 minutes before the lotions were removed with cotton pads. The lotions are also available as individual treatment sachets for complete hygiene.

My brows were then tinted with Lisa mixing RefectoCil shades together to create a custom shade suited to both my desires and complexion, making it a very personalised experience. After the tint had been applied and allowed to set for a few minutes, it was then removed creating a natural shade which complemented my complexion.

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The treatment finished with a waxing and a conditioning of the brows using the Salon System Lashlift Boost Lotion and when Lisa showed me the finished results in the mirror, I was extremely pleased with the final look.















The finished result will last approximately 4 to 6 weeks, with the aftercare involving not getting the brows wet for 24 hours after the treatment.

lisa stone

Salon System’s Dual Lash & Brow Lift System is available from wholesalers nationwide