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My Other Life: Rebecca Evans of Gel Nails By Becca

By Callie Iley | 01 October 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Rebecca Evans, a nail pro who’s busy juggling her nail career alongside a very different role…

Gel artist and nail tech, Rebecca Evans, works part-time as a qualified dental nurse alongside running her nail business, Gel Nails By Becca. She began an apprenticeship in dental nursing in 2013, and on qualifying she furthered her studies to include into intravenous dental sedation, but she has always professed love for nail styling.

“I love making people feel good and getting creative with nail art designs, so I attained a nail qualification and set up a home salon,” she shares. “I wanted incorporate nails into my life when possible, and my nail role is an outlet for my creative side.”

Although the two career paths seem worlds apart, Rebecca reveals that there are similarities between the two. “Working in a clinical setting is very similar to nails in terms of the importance of keeping things hygienic, tidy and organised.

“My work as a dental nurse has definitely left a positive impact on how I keep my salon,” Rebecca adds. “The key difference is in the creative side that my nail tech role provides. I studied art and have always been a creative person, full of big ideas.”

Noting the surprised reactions of others when they find out about her two professions, Rebecca explains that it makes for an interesting conversation.

Currently working as a dental nurse two days a week following the birth of her child, Rebecca has no plans to give up on either profession. “I’d love to keep building my client list up to a point where I am able to add a few more nail appointments in the week,” Rebecca comments. “I really enjoy the variety of both jobs.

“My advice to other nail techs wanting to work in another industry is, go for it! I feel that quite often, we are encouraged to choose a path and follow it throughout our entire lives until retirement, but we don’t have to go through our lives doing just one thing,” she suggests. “If you have multiple skills, are motivated, and want to use them, then don’t let them go to waste.

“We spend so much of our lives at work and we all deserve to feel enjoyment and be proud of what we have achieved.”

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