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Nail content creator, Iram Shelton, shares how to use social media effectively

By Guest Writer | 24 May 2024 | Expert Advice, Feature, Technology

Iram Shelton Opi Nail Social Media

OPI global ambassador & content creator, Iram Shelton, has amassed over 132,000 followers on Instagram. Here, she shares how to embrace the power of social media as a nail pro and use it effectively to capture the attention of clients.

Social media allows you to establish yourself in an exciting way. Your accounts are like online portfolios that are accessible to people all over the world, and through which you can showcase your work, sell your products and services, learn new skills and network with people – all from the comfort of your own home. Social media platforms have allowed me to build my brand and connect with people I never thought I would.

I use my social channels as creative outlets, as well as online portfolios. I love sharing my work and brands that I love, but I use each platform very differently.

Instagram is a professional, clean image of myself and my work, whereas my TikTok is more stripped back and casual. Each have strengths and weaknesses, but I prefer scrolling on TikTok to see raw content.

I think that if you want to showcase images of your nail work, Instagram is best, yet if you seek to educate and connect with your audience, TikTok is a better platform. I use multiple platforms for different posts, and it’s good to have a presence on a variety of platforms to attract different groups of people. I try to post daily; more so on TikTok as the content doesn’t have to be as polished as on Instagram. I have found that the less scripted my videos are, the better they perform.

Iram Social Media

Performance notes

The two images featured in this article performed well on my Instagram feed, and reflect my style well: classic with a flare. I love minimal, simple nail designs but sometimes like to add little details, which I think resonates with many of my followers. I like to keep my designs wearable, and clean imagery works well: a shot with no distractions, and just a focus on the nails.

When it comes to video content, short and snappy videos work best. Use trending sounds and consider creating educational content, such as ‘how-to’ videos. Lighting is also key. I tend to use natural light or lighting that replicates sunlight.

Don’t post as if you’re posting for your friends and family. Share content that represents your brand and style. Of course, you can upload personal content if that’s part of your brand, but I recommend creating a separate page for posts about your family and life. It’s also important to stay consistent. Viral posts are not sustainable and it can be disheartening when posts don’t do well, but keep going.

Don’t stop working hard, just because you’ve gained a presence online. Even if an account has many followers, it doesn’t mean they’ve ‘made it’. I work so much harder now than I did previously, because I feel a sense of responsibility to my followers, and as the global ambassador for OPI.

Handy tips

When creating a social media account, use your business name or real name, particularly if you are a session stylist, and state your contact information and location in your bio, as well as what you do and offer. Your profile picture should be a headshot of you, as you are representing yourself and your business, and people like to know who they’re speaking to behind a screen.

Learning to switch off from social media when with family is important, and I try to limit my time on my phone in the evenings. I recommend you do, too!

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