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Nail desk shields: should you invest?

By Scratch Staff | 04 May 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Nail Salon Shields

There is much discussion and concern regarding how post-lockdown measures will affect salon visits – and how nail professionals will both work and interact with clients safety.

The BBC has seen a draft government plan to ease current restrictions for workplaces in which social distancing is not possible.

According to the news outlet, the draft strategy says that among other measures, ‘additional hygiene procedures, physical screens and the use of protective equipment should be considered where maintaining distancing of 2m (6ft) between workers is impossible’.

The announcement for the full plan on work practices is due imminently, but many other public-facing businesses, such as supermarket and pharmacies, have already installed transparent perspex or plastic shields as a barrier between employee and customer.

Following speculation about their effectiveness across social media, Scratch highlights the key points and considerations… 

A detailed look: Shop Shields

“The Shop Shields Nail Salon Shields have been designed and made to meet the specific needs of nail desks and salons,” comments a spokesperson from Shop Shields.

The shields allow for clear viewing and communication between the nail technician and clients, with a small opening for the client’s hands.

“Our high-quality transparent protective screens are made from clear acrylic plastic, and sit on top of or are fitted securely to countertops. They are also easy to clean and disinfect.”

The company offers two options for its screens: the first is a ready-made range which comes in a variety of sizes and are sent direct to businesses. Easy to assemble, the clear acrylic sheet sits in two stand pieces for a sturdy base.

The second option available is made-to-measure, where screens are measured and designed specifically for a nail salon and installed by Shop Shields’ professional team of fitters.

If you would like to purchase a screen, orders can be placed online, via email or over the phone 01895 207 990.

Doug Schoon, industry recognised scientist specialising in the beauty sector comments: 

“A Plexiglas table mounted sneeze guard is not enough to ensure safety for you and your clients. I’m not opposed to using them, but that’s not all you need.

“Plexiglas attracts dusts like a magnet. So, if you use a Plexiglas guard, you will need to use ‘source capture ventilation’ to control dusts as well – even more so now. A proper, source capture ventilation is one of the very best ways to reduce dusts (and vapours).

“It is important to understand that viruses and other pathogens don’t have ‘wings’, but they do have ‘magic carpets’ – meaning they take rides on dust particles that fly them all around the room for everyone to inhale.

“Dusts can carry pathogens, so if you don’t control nail filings/dust, you are not doing all you can to control potentially infectious pathogens.”

“Invest wisely in ventilation; buy the best you can – and use it. Buy a quality ventilation unit designed for salons, not something made for living rooms or bedrooms.

“The world has changed and now proper ventilation is not just for your protection, but also for the protection of everyone who enters the salon, including clients and co-workers.

“It’s time to get serious about your ventilation and breathe easier. Safety is the ‘new reality’ in nail salons. So, get your safety on and prepare for the coming salon appointment surge. I predict it’s going to get busy soon, so be ready and be safe.”