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Nail talk: Hollystic Nails, Lancashire, on alternative bridal nail styles

By Rebecca Hitchon | 22 May 2024 | Feature, Tech Talk

Holly Morris Last Alternative Bridal Nail Styles

Holly Morris-Last, owner of Hollystic Nails, Rawtenstall, chats to Scratch about offering alternative bridal nail designs…

“I offer a bespoke nail design service which enables clients to use their wedding nails as an extension of their personality,” Holly reveals. “My service starts with a consultation, where I understand what the client’s personal style is and what makes their wedding unique. This consultation period is an integral part of the creative process and I love hearing each bride’s story.”

Following this, Holly uses her background in fashion to present a mood board of inspiration for the bridal nail look, along with sketches of the design.

“We tweak along the way – sometimes clients are happy for me to ‘wing it’, while others prefer to sign off a fully sketched design, but I go with whatever makes the bride feel most comfortable,” says the nail tech.

One nail look that she fondly remembers was for a bohemian bride who was eloping to Santorini for her wedding – something that only Holly and the bride’s best friend knew!

“Knowing that she wanted to keep the wedding a secret, we designed discreet nails that nobody would guess were wedding nails, with a hidden message (‘Mrs D’) on her middle fingers to later reveal her new surname in her own mischievous way. She wanted to complement her black diamond wedding ring with neutral tones, so we opted for a delicate monochrome vibe.

Another of my gorgeous brides wanted floral nails to perfectly match her colour scheme and bouquet,” Holly continues. “Her dress was elegant and understated, so she wanted vivid nails to inject pops of her colourful personality into her nails.”

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