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Nail Tech Talk: Alyssa Fronce of Alyssa Nail Tech

By Callie Iley | 03 September 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

Alyssa Fronce Nail Tech Talk Feature Header

Alyssa Fronce chats to Scratch about how she keeps up with industry trends and her favourite personal bespoke nailcare regime, principles & styling…

“I love doing nails because I’m super artistic and it’s a great outlet for me,” Alyssa beams. “I also love that I get the opportunity to make my client’s nails look beautiful.

“My favourite designs to create are ‘mix and match’ sets. They always come out looking fun, funky, and super eye-catching.”

“I always have my nails groomed, even if it’s a simple look, such as solid, simple colour,” she explains. “I truly believe a client will be more trusting of you, if you keep up on your own nails looking smart, well groomed and stylish.

“It’s important, as techs, we use our own hands as walking, talking business card. A window into our services. Quite often I find my client will say they love my nails so much, they want the exact same thing on their nails!”

“As the nail tech, you’re the best representation of your business, your product offering, therefore your nails speak volumes to your clients.”

“After working for over 12 years as a nail tech, I’ve finally reached the place I’ve been aspiring towards in my career.

“I’ve worked hard to create opportunities for myself,” Alyssa reflects. “And now I get to create content for my favourite brands as a brand ambassador, and I’m absolutely loving it.”

“An average day in my nail life would be servicing around five clients a day, and attempting to get a break somewhere in there too,” she chuckles.

“Each client takes roughly an hour and a half, so I typically work a long day, from opening to locking the salon door at the end of the day.”

Quizzed on her perception of the nail industry as a whole, Alyssa comments, “It’s constantly changing, in a cycle of transformation and I find, as a tech, my skills are constantly developing alongside its evolution.

“Keeping up with the latest trends, while mastering new and exciting techniques, styles and nail art designs, keeps any nail tech at the top of their game. It makes sure, as a professional, I remain the best nail artist I can be, and the most sought after too.”

“Nail trends change so quickly that client demands keep me on my toes.”

“One piece of advice I’d like to share, that changed my career, is that you have to show up,” shares Alyssa.

“You need to put in the extra effort, go that extra mile. If you don’t put in that little bit extra, if you don’t put yourself out there, then your career isn’t going to go anywhere either. It’s up to you to put in the work, in order to reap the rewards.”

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