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Nail Tech Talk: Anastasia of NoiNails

By Callie Iley | 29 October 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Nail extension specialist and encapsulation enthusiast, Anastasia of NoiNails, sits down with Scratch to share her passion for tekking and the importance of self-belief… 

“My favourite product to use is the KRYLX acrylic powders, which I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve never worked with anything like it,” Anastasia enthuses. “The consistency and adhesion are on point and there is absolutely no colour marbling ever, which is my biggest pet peeve with other similar products. 

“Another product I couldn’t live without is the Youngnails Protein Bond. For me, this product is the unicorn that makes sets last, on even the most difficult nails.” 

“There’s so many designs that I love to create, but my absolute favourite will always be full acrylic designs, such as marble and gemstone or opal recreations, and encapsulations of all kind,” she beams. “There are so many possibilities to get creative with! I also really enjoy doing mix and match sets, they are always so cute and fun.

“Handpainting in general is so much fun and so challenging in a good way, and it gets me out of my acrylic comfort zone. I’m a big perfectionist, so painting intricate designs is very satisfying.” 

“It’s difficult for me to do the same thing all day every day and I get easily bored, but that’s never the case for me when it comes to nails! There are always new trends, designs, techniques and products to discover and master.

“There are so many ways to express your creativity,” Anastasia shares. “I love to meet so many different people up close. Doing a clients nails for some hours gives you the opportunity to get a peak into so many different characters and their lives, people are so interesting. The designs they request are such a wide range, it never gets repetitive.” 

“My career highlight really is that I have reached confidence in what I do,” she reveals. “I used to be so insecure and overly critical of myself and my work, but at this point, I really stand behind my art.

“I worked really hard for the set of skills I’ve achieved. I’m proud of it and so grateful for all of the positive feedback I’ve received.” 

“In the future, I would really like to teach others what gives me so much happiness, ideally in my own salon, and in a perfect world, with my own products.

“In general, I hope I can keep doing what I love for many years to come,” Anastasia smiles. “I hope that my back or my joints won’t give in, and that people will keep on trusting me with their nails.”

“My best advice to techs is to trust your own abilities. It may take time and it may not always be easy, but with patience and practise, you will see the progress you wish for. The nail community is a great one, so look around and reach out for education and advice.

“Ask questions and if you want to learn a skill or design, then practise, practise, practise it until you’re happy with your results,” she recommends. “There will always be someone who is better or faster than you. Don’t get discouraged by that, but find inspiration and believe in your own development.” 


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