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NAIL TECH TALK: Andreea Simona Ignat, Scratch Stars finalist 20/21

By Lilly Delmage | 28 April 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch learns more about Andreea Simona Ignat, Scratch Stars Gel Tech of the Year & Nail Stylist of the Year finalist 20/21, about her pathway to success & the importance of nail competitions…

What’s your training background & how has your career progressed?

My career started in 2012. I first began doing my own nails and soon every colleague from work or friend wanted me to do theirs. After a few months practicing on my own and realising that I need a proper introduction into the industry, I enrolled on a one-day course.

In 2013, I moved to London and worked in a salon in Camden Town for about two years. Then, in 2015, I started work towards the Level 2 Beauty Technology & Make-up qualification at LCBT, worked for two more years in two different salons and then decided to work on a mobile basis.

I competed for the first time at Nailympia in 2014 and won my first medal; 3rd place in Gel Tip & Overlay – Division 1. It gave me the competition bug and I have competed ever since.

In 2017, I finished my level 3 Nail Technology qualification and went on to do an AET qualification so I can start teaching fellow students that want to join in this amazing industry.

What is your signature nail style?

I can’t say I have a signature nail style, but I love a classic almond shape or extreme shape.

What are your tool kit essentials?

My favourite brand at the moment is Jananails, for which I am a teacher/ambassador. I always have a hard gel in my kit as sometimes I convince my clients to opt for extensions instead of gel polish.

How has lockdown impacted your role?

During lockdown, I kept busy by creating extreme shapes and practicing a lot. I did a few online classes. I can’t say the impact was hard or changed something, as even before I was always wear PPE to protect myself and the clients .

Tell us about your average working day…

I offer mobile services within London zones 1-3, specialising in gel manicures, pedicures and extensions. My clientele varies.

Why is it important to keep training & entering industry competitions?

It’s really important that nail techs update their knowledge as the industry offers something new so regularly – so it’s good to keep track of new techniques and products and improve yourself so you can offer the best possible service.

Competitions are also important. Competing will bring out the best of you and you can learn so much for them, as well as meet other amazing nail techs. They can open the door to the next point in your career.

What attracted you to enter the Scratch Stars Awards?

I just wanted to prove myself that I can do it, even though I was really scared the first time. The first year I entered I did reach the finals, the following years I did in one category but did not win. This year, I am really really happy as I got selected for two categories; Gel Tech of the Year and Nail Stylist of the Year.

What do you love about working with gel?

It’s easy and you can take your time in applying it, (if you’re using a jelly-like gel), when creating extreme shapes.

What has been your career highlight to date? 

My career highlight was progressing to teaching. I also had the chance to be a junior judge in an online world competition; ‘Briliant Cup’, held in Romania and organised by Rodica Munteanu.

What are your hopes/career goals for the future?

My hopes and goals are to have my own academy in which I can teach, and also to judge in competitions such as Nailympia.

What do you love about working in the nail industry?

It’s a magical industry, in which you can create salon-style or extreme nails. It’s an amazing industry in which you can showcase a variety of skills.

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Andreea will be competing in the Scratch Stars Awards 20/21 on 20 May 2021.

The winners will be revealed at the Scratch Stars Party on 25 July 2021. Click to buy tickets.