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Nail Tech Talk: Beca Carrillo of Geminails by Beca 

By Callie Iley | 28 May 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Beca Carrillo of Gemininails sits down with Scratch to chat about the wealth of opportunities for nail techs and where she sees her future within the industry…

“I love to express myself with colours,” Beca smiles. “I have always had a love for painting and drawing.

“When I started doing nails, I fell in love with being able to paint anything I was feeling on my own nails, and being able to make my clients visions come to life on their own nails too.”

“I source inspiration for nails from all over,” she shares. “I take a lot of inspiration for nails from my clients and their creative ideas.

“I also get a lot of inspiration from all the talented nail artists out there! I love seeing their amazing work and feeling inspired to recreate a design in a different colour or shape. I also source inspiration from all kinds of outlets like pop culture, artwork, nature and even fashion.”

“I think that a bright, light green, that’s in between mint and sage would characterise my personality. I love all greens, but a pastel toned green fits me the most!

“An average day for me as a nail tech kicks off with an early client to get me going,” Beca beams. “I usually do three to four clients a day, and I try my best to find time in between for lunch and snack breaks.”

“I love working from home because I get to see my family, even on long work days.”

“The most exciting thing about the nail industry is all of the opportunities that come with it,” she reveals. “I could work with celebrity clients, open up a salon, become a nail educator or whatever I decide I want to do with my nail journey.

“I’m excited to see where my nail career takes me!”

“The highlight of my career so far is knowing that I have the most amazing clients and supporters. There’s days I go to these beautiful houses with gorgeous views, and days I do my dearest friend’s nails and get to catch up with them and have the best time.

“It’s also been so surreal being gifted nail products from brands I used to save my money up to purchase from,” Beca laughs. “I’m extremely grateful for all my clients and how far I’ve come.”

“I love that I can do what I love for a living!”

“At the moment, my hopes for my future in nails are to continue enjoying my job to the fullest.

“I aspire to keep growing as an artist and enhance my nail art skills,” she explains. “For now, I’m enjoying the ride.”

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