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Nail Tech Talk: Beth Buckley of Sassy Nails

By Callie Iley | 19 August 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Despite not considering nails as a career until later in her life, Beth Buckley of Sassy Nails had a lifelong passion for nails.

“I even used to paint my friend’s nails in the toilets at school,” she laughs. “I trained in L&P Acrylic and later in gel polish, and never looked back from then on.”

“I currently offer builder gel in a bottle overlays, nail extensions and gel toes,” Beth reveals. “My favourite designs to create are probably themed nail styles.

“I love Disney and often get asked for Disney-inspired designs, but I’ve done everything from Alice in Wonderland to game Characters. I love hand painted nail art!”

“My biggest source of inspiration is probably Instagram,” she shares. “Although, I will quite often see patterns in nature and clothing that can create fabulous nail designs.

“I admire every single nail technician who’s out there experimenting and creating with nails and making a career out of their passion.”

“I’m hoping to carry on doing what I love for years to come. I also have considered the avenue of training to teach in the future, as I love helping people learn new skills and improve.

“My journey from when I started to where I am now was long and was, at times, difficult. I’m so glad I pursued it and didn’t give up. For nail techs starting out now, there is so much more available with the likes of Instagram and YouTube. Just go for it!”

“If you’re passionate and want something enough you’ll get there in the end.”

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