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Nail Tech Talk: Bethany Mann of Beth’s Beauty

By Callie Iley | 17 April 2024 | Feature, Tech Talk


Hand-painted nail artist, Bethany Mann of Beth’s Beauty, Cambridge, shares her love for creating detailed designs and reveals where she finds inspiration for her bright and bold artistry…

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Having had a passion for nails from a young age, Bethany loved art and studied the subject in school, which inspired her to create artistic nail looks. “I practised on myself, family and friends at any opportunity I got,” she remembers.

After finishing school in 2013, Beth went to college and studied Beauty Therapy. “I fell in love with learning new beauty skills and how beauty makes people feel good. I stayed at college for two years, achieving diplomas in Beauty Therapy Levels 2 and 3,” she says.

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During her final year of college, Bethany found a part-time job working at a nail and beauty salon. “It was completely different to carrying out treatments on clients at college. The salon was walk-in service only, so I had to learn to work quicker, as we only had a certain amount of time to carry out treatments,” she recalls.

“It was a very fast-paced environment, which I enjoyed as I was always on the go. Working here led to me falling even more in love with nail artistry – I was always the go-to therapist for nail art designs. I was also able to complete a range of courses during my time there, helping expand my knowledge.”

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After five years working in the salon, Bethany decided to set up her own beauty business. “It took me a few years to take the plunge and set up my own salon, so I worked part-time at another salon while I built up my clientele,” she details.

“After six months, I built up a regular client base and made the move to full self-employment, which was the best decision I ever made. I love being my own boss and being able to have one-to-one personal time with my clients. I constantly keep my skills up-to-date with different courses and masterclasses to learn all the latest tips and tricks.

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“I love to create hand-painted nail art looks, adding contrasting textures to a design to make it stand out,” Bethany reveals. “I enjoy using bright colours and creating funky nail art, like flames, chequerboard and smiley faces, as well as anything floral. My clients usually request some form of nail art, whether it’s a bold or a subtle design.

“As for my own nails, I began my builder gel journey a couple of years ago after being a nail biter and picker. I’m a bright nail fan and love anything that you can see from a mile away. I enjoy creating nail art on my nails and always like to make them a bit funky and different. My clients also love seeing what I’ve done with my nails, so they can gain inspiration for their next nail look.

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“There are so many nail techs who I admire in the industry, as everyone has their own styles and ways to create designs on nails. Nail artists that are creative with their style of nail art inspire me and push me to try new techniques and improve on my skills.

Emily Meraki is just one of the many nail artists who inspires me,” Bethany shares. “I have followed her work for years and love every design that she creates. Her work is so clean and detailed. Janine Orpen is another nail tech that I’m obsessed with. She creates so many different funky sets that go so well together. I love how her nail designs are always colour-coordinated.

“I find a lot of inspiration from seeing the work of other nail artists and putting my own spin on a design.”

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Beth continues: “As for my next career steps, I’d love to expand my knowledge and skills in the nail industry by attending more training courses and masterclasses. The nail industry is always evolving and I want to perfect my skills.

“In the future, I hope to see the nail industry valued more for the skills and happiness we bring to our clients. We need to value the work and services we provide by charging enough for the work we create.

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“There are so many different things that I love about working in the nail industry, especially the sense of community,” she smiles. “Everyone is so supportive of one another and it’s nice to see us all come together as individual nail techs.

“Working in the nail industry allows me the freedom of being able to create pieces of art on people’s nails. I’m able to create such a bond and even a friendship with clients by creating a set of nails that instantly boosts their mood. It’s such a rewarding job and allows me to be creative and make people feel beautiful at the same time.”

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