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Nail Tech Talk: Carla Brannan of Gelled Pretty 

By Callie Iley | 12 April 2024 | Feature, Tech Talk


Following her success in winning two Scratch Snap competitions, Carla Brannan of Gelled Pretty shares her nail art journey and goals for 2024… 

Carla Brannan Headshot

Carla recalls a lifelong passion for beauty, having always known that her career would be in the industry. “I loved anything to do with hair, make-up and nails,” she smiles. “I started my nail journey in 2018, enrolling on an L&P acrylic course.”

Qualifying in 2019, Carla then moved onto a course in gel nails. “I instantly loved everything about the gel system, and I knew the moment I started the course that gel was what I wanted to specialise in.

Carla Brannan Gelled Pretty Mickey Sketch Nails

I began doing the nails of family and friends to build my confidence, but I still felt like I was missing something. This was where my nail journey stopped for a while, until the pandemic began.

“It was then that I needed something to focus on and discovered Gemma Lambert’s online workshops. I’d never tried nail art at this point, so I didn’t know what to expect or if I’d be any good,” Carla remembers. “I went on to complete five workshops and my passion for nail art began, and I started sharing my designs on Instagram.

Carla Brannan Gelled Pretty Duck Nails

“My biggest inspiration for my nail art comes from The Nail Decal Queen. I love using both water decals and hand-painted nail art together; it’s my favourite kind of nail art to create.

“I also visit Instagram and Pinterest to find nail inspiration,” Carla shares.

Carla Brannan Gelled Pretty Tinkerbell Nails

“I entered December 2023’s Scratch Snap competition, pushing myself to enter for the first time. I was so proud of myself for just submitting my nails, so couldn’t believe my eyes when I won with my gingerbread design! Winning was such a pinch me moment.

“I then went on to enter my second Scratch Snap competition in February 2024 and won for a second time! Winning these competitions has to be my biggest achievement.

Carla Brannan Gelled Pretty Wednesday Nails

“My goal for 2024 is to become a full-time nail technician and to work on offering my own nail art workshops,” Carla reveals. 

“I’m really excited to continue on my nail journey and would like to thank everyone who has inspired me, believed in me and supported me along the way.” 

Carla Brannan Gelled Pretty Lilo And Stitch Nails

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