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Nail Tech Talk: Daisy Tann of Sweet As Hell

By Callie Iley | 12 November 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

Daisy Tann Nail Tech Talk Feature

Scratch chats to Daisy Tann of Sweet As Hell about her passion for cruelty free nail products and inclusivity in the beauty industry.

“I think for me, the thing I love most about being a nail tech is a combination of things,” Daisy smiles. “I love delivering a service that immediately gives my clients more confidence and brings them so much joy.

“I also really love that I get to create tiny little works of art that can be enjoyed for weeks.”

“The person I admire the most in the nail industry is my bestie and all round nail genius, Nails By Ya Gal.

“She provided all of my nail training, and continues to help me grow as a nail tech,” she beams. “She also creates the most beautiful sets!”

“My signature style would definitely be anything super colourful and abstract,” Daisy enthuses. “I love most styles of nail art, but find abstract vibrant sets to be most enjoyable to paint.

“My favourite product at the moment has to be the Sissi Molten Metal paint. My clients have been going mad for it.”

“My inspiration comes from all sorts of places,” she reveals. “I love discovering new artists through Instagram and adapting their work to fit onto nails.

“Although inspiration really can come from anywhere. I have one client who regularly brings different items from her wardrobe for me to adapt into a set of nails!”

“I’m extremely passionate about beauty services being inclusive for all. Unfortunately, within the beauty industry, I don’t believe there is as much inclusivity as there could be.

“I do all I can to promote this, and I think the beauty industry has definitely developed massively in the past few years,” Daisy reflects. “I exclusively use cruelty free products, which ensures my services are accessible for all. There are so many amazing, cruelty free products available on the market now.

“I love that I can ensure that I offer vegan and cruelty free services to my clients.”

“The highlight of my career is definitely being featured in articles on Beauty Bay and Allure,” she says. “It really does feel surreal having my work seen by so many people.

“I’ve also done a collaboration with a local business to create a custom set of nails with their logo and artwork, which I’d love to do more of in the future.”

“I’d love to branch out into training, specifically nail art training,” Daisy shares. “It’s not something I currently offer, but I would love to do so in the future.

“I thoroughly enjoy sharing techniques and skills with other nails tech & budding nail artists.”

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