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NAIL TECH TALK: Delia Turville, Scratch Stars finalist 20/21

By Lilly Delmage | 28 April 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

Ssas21 Delia Turville

Scratch learns more about Delia Turville, Scratch Stars Polish & Paint Artist of the Year finalist 20/21, about her path to becoming a nail tech, her proudest moments and how she feels about being a finalist…

Delia Turville took an alternate path to the nail industry, balancing her time between classroom teaching and nail tekking. Having completed a degree in fashion, she trained as a secondary art teacher before diving into the nail world.

“As I’ve always loved drawing and painting I started experimenting with nail art and doing it for friends and family. I later went onto train in manicure, gel polish and nail enhancements as well as make-up, brows and lashes so now I enjoy living a double life as a teacher and a nail artist!” she comments.

Delia works mostly as a mobile freelance nail artist. “I love working on shoots, runway shows and pop-up events. I really enjoy working with both regular clients and designers with a specific brief.”

When asked about her favourite brands to work with, Delia emphasised her passion for experimenting with colour, so she doesn’t limit herself to one brand. Although, she says, “A brand which has always delivered great colour choice, quality and reliability to me is OPI.

“Polishes and paints were my first love before gel polish increased in popularity. With polish and paint I feel like I am always going back to what I love. Because I love drawing and painting, being able to work with this medium on nails is so satisfying to me and I love the versatility it offers.”

Delia comments on the impact lockdown had on her, juggling her personal life, her teaching and her tekking.

“I have been extremely busy during lockdown. Firstly my four-year-old son was not able to attend nursery so each day was occupied by homeschooling. I was delivering online lessons to my own students. I was also pregnant throughout  lockdowns so unfortunately wasn’t able to attend any of my usual nail events/shoots etc but of course still did my own nails and practiced my nail art!”

Delia details her proudest moment in her nail career thus far, when she claimed first position in the Runway Nails Division 1 category at Nailympia London in 2018. “It was my first ever competition and I couldn’t believe that I placed first, especially in a category focussed on fashion/runway which I have loved so much since doing my degree in fashion.

“I have also become an #OPInailBoss meaning that I am part of an exclusive next work of nail artists working with OPI which is a huge honour!”

Following a first place Nailympia London win in Runway Nails – Division 1 in 2018, Delia felt the Scratch Stars Awards was, ‘the next step.’

“The support and encouragement from friends and family pushed me to do this.

“I love how the Scratch Stars Awards celebrates creativity and always wanted to be a part of it!”

As well as celebrating creativity, Delia celebrated after she found out she had been chosen as a finalist in the Polish & Paint Artist of the Year category 20/21. “I felt absolutely amazing and in shock as I was also a finalist the previous year so was totally not expecting it. It is such an honour to be among the best.

“I love the fact that I have made so many wonderful and inspiring friends and the fact that the industry has opened doors for me to further my career.”

3 fun facts about Delia Turville:

  1. “I did Irish Dancing from age 10 to 33 and competed a lot over the years.
  2. I have a 4 year old son and a baby girl born January 2021.
  3. I love fancy dress, making costumes and transforming into different characters.”

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Delia will be competing in the Scratch Stars Awards 20/21 on 20 May 2021.

The winners will be revealed at the Scratch Stars Party on 25 July 2021. Click to buy tickets.