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Nail Tech Talk: Fern Barron of Barron Beauty

By Callie Iley | 30 April 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Fern Barron of Barron Beauty about running a business from home and what she would change about the industry…

“I had always wanted to be a nail tech ever since I had my nails done for the first time in a nail bar when I was 16,” Fern reflects. “However, the route I took didn’t lead to nails until I had my children.

“I wanted to be something other than a mum, so I did my training with CND Shellac back in 2019. I was then luckily enough to win my Bio Sculpture training on the Navy Pro Christmas Advent – that was a game changer, the training was second to none.”

“At the moment, I love to do a manicure with a little bit of nail art – nothing too wild!

“I’ve recently purchased the Dr Prints Manicure Roulette game,” Fern laughs. “I’m excited to play it with my clients and step out of my comfort zone more.”

“My life is like juggling act, with a husband in the Royal Air Force who’s often not home.

“I am managing to run a business from home around the kids and the dogs, working mornings and evenings,” she explains. “Giving my clients a manicure is almost like therapy for me.”

“Doing nails is my happy place and it never feels like work.”

“As for my next career steps, I enjoy photographing products I use, whether it be for nails or brows,” she smiles. “Hopefully one day, I’ll become a brand ambassador.

“Long term, to go full time and have my own salon would be a dream come true!”

“The most exciting thing about the industry for me is that there’s always something new, whether it be new trends or new products.

“If you’re a nail tech, you’ll know that there’s a never ending list of things to buy – be it things to better yourself, or courses to take to improve your skills,” Fern shares. “You can never stop learning and there’s always space to grow.”

“If I could change one thing in the industry, it would be to make all nail products available for professionals only.

“It isn’t all about just painting pretty nails,” she stresses. “Nail health and hygiene plays a huge and really important factor.”


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