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Nail Tech Talk: Grace Evans of Nail Huns

By Callie Iley | 02 July 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Grace Evans of Nail Huns chats with Scratch about seasonal nail art trends and her goals to grow her salon space…

“I decided that I wanted to do nails and nail art after seeing so many funky sets online,” Grace recalls. “I decided to do a gel nail course where I learnt all the basics to get started and I just went from there!

“My first few attempts weren’t the best…. But practice does make perfect, and I really started progressing and I was enjoying doing nail art too which is definitely the most important aspect.”

“Nail art can be super seasonal with trends,” she says. “At the moment I’m absolutely loving bright, funky designs and prints.

“I really love doing pick ‘n’ mix sets, where you have the creative freedom to go a bit wild.”

“I source inspiration from everywhere.

“There are so many amazing nail techs posting pictures on Instagram and Pinterest,” Grace explains. “I’m always scrolling admiring everyone’s work. I also draw a lot of inspiration from patterns and artwork too.”

“Being a nail tech is so much fun and I love coming to work every single day.”

“I plan on moving to a bigger studio space,” she shares. “I’d love to also look at adding a few people to the team.

“I would absolutely love to keep growing my business bigger and better!”

“Being in the nail industry gives me so much creative freedom, and I get to chat all day to my lovely clients every single day.

“The online support from other nail techs is also amazing,” Grace smiles. “Everyone is happy to help each other out and offer advice when needed.”

“It’s important to remember that practise makes perfect!

“Don’t give up just because something doesn’t work out the first time,” she recommends. “It can be very easy to get frustrated and lose patience, but trust yourself and just keep going.”

“It’s always important to keep practising and to keep training to be the best you want to be,” Grace notes. “There’s always new techniques, and new products out on the market.

“You want to be on top of your game and to keep up with the latest trends.”


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