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NAIL TECH TALK: Hannah Clayton of Nails by Hannah Beth

By Callie Iley | 17 April 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Hannah Clayton of Nails by Hannah Beth about winning Best Gel Nails in the UK Hair & Beauty Awards and being yourself in the nail industry…


I entered the UK Hair and Beauty Awards because I’ve figured over this last year that if you don’t put yourself out there and at least try, you’ll never get anywhere! When you work alone you sometimes need an outsider boost.

I entered back in January, there was an application form to complete which was quite in depth. I set too with an alcoholic drink, some chocolate buttons and went for it. Off went the application and then I tried to switch off so I didn’t think too much into it.

Then February came round, and in came an email to say I was a finalist for ‘Best Gel Nails’, unbelievable! The awards ceremony sadly wasn’t in person this year, so over to online we went. The night arrived, watched by myself, my husband Neil and my daughter – my two biggest supporters – and what a night it was. First place was awarded to… Hannah Clayton – me!

I’ve always had a huge passion for good quality nail products. My first love was CND and secondly, Izabelle Hammon. Both are fantastic products and I love using them in my studio, my clients do too! My favourite cuticle balm is from Navy, as not only does it smell of a sexy man (sorry Neil), it’s super hydrating and lasts for ages… A true pot of gold.

My favourite tools are my beloved Navy tools. I’ve now managed to get a full collection which I’ve saved up for and ordered over the last few years. My most favourite though is Martha – nothing to do with the fact that my daughter has the same name, obviously! The tools and customer service are incredible and they’ve supported me and my business since day 1. It means the world.

My favourite hand cream is O’Keefes Working Hands cream and for a treat, Weleda Skin Food. It’s super moisturising but not greasy. I always apply before bed so it fully soaks in.

My favourite gels are CND – the original kick starter in my career back in 2015! They have such gorgeous colours and their training is always fantastic. Next up, Izabelle Hammon’s products, which are long lasting, great colours, vegan, cruelty free and absolutely gorgeous to apply.

I’m very lucky really, I’ve never doubted my choice of gel brands, so lot of research beforehand has clearly worked for me.

The best advice for any aspiring techs is my ultimate quote… You do you! Don’t look to anyone else as competition, believe in your work, don’t get hung up in the world of social media and if you want to post something that you like, you’ve created or you’ve seen, post it.

Do take inspiration from others, always credit peoples work if you’ve been inspired to copy their work and always be kind.  Always remember, your clients are your number 1 but, it’s your business, your rules!

When starting out, be prepared to offer lower price treatments, vouchers, freebies, charity work and long hours. Put yourself out there. I promise it’s the best way. Don’t give in, it’s a tough industry but well worth it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve never followed suit in life, I love stepping outside the box and doing my own thing. Some like it, some don’t, that’s absolutely fine!

I’m hoping my next career steps will be teaching. Izabelle Hammon need a North West educator and I’d like it to be me! I’ve got a long way to go, but we all need a goal don’t we.

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve adored nails. A good classic natural nail is my speciality and I used to spend hours perfecting my own French mani. I had nail art books, I used to paint them weekly, and I’m still every three weeks without fail, now at 35. Clearly doing a French mani on my own nails didn’t work though, as I still forget to breathe when doing it on clients to this day!

Give me a plain, natural classy gel overlay and we will be friends forever! Jokes aside, I’ll still let you book in, even if you want fancy colours and designs.

When my daughter was 8 months old, my best friend just said to me, just go for it. The rest is history… My dream came true – Nails by Hannah Beth became a reality.

I’ve never looked back! It’s just bob on. Hard work, but bob on!


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