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Nail Tech Talk: Jasmine Wilson of Jazzy AF Nails 

By Callie Iley | 10 June 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Achieving award-winning success after only a year in the nail industry, Jasmine Wilson of Jazzy AF Nails shares her love for channelling mindful creativity through her bright & bold, psychedelic nail styles.

Jasmine Wilson

Jazz was hired as an apprentice in a local salon in Paisley in June 2022, taking her first client on August 4 2022, and making the move to self-employment soon after qualifying.

“I was obsessed with nails and had been binging YouTube tutorials for months when I decided to become a nail tech,” Jazz remembers. “I was on a mission to find my passion in life, and I have definitely found it in nails.” 

“I went on to train with Magpie Beauty on a few different courses, which has been really amazing. I highly recommend Magpie for training. Their customer service is great, the training is very insightful and there’s always someone available to help you, even after you’ve completed your course.

“Also, their products are fabulous,” she beams. “I continue to book courses, watch tutorials and engage with masterclasses as much as possible. There’s always new things to learn and trends to keep up with.” 

“What attracted me to the nail industry is the creativity and the fun of it,” Jazz enthuses. “There are no rules to nail art. There are so many wonderful and incredible things you can do, and so many products and tools to try out, that your brain can just run wild!

“I also love how mindful it is to create nail art. You can completely zone into what you’re doing and take your mind away from the world for a while.”

Jazz notes her signature nail style as funky, eye-catching and quirky nail art, with lots of detail and touches of glitter. “I love the look of a super shiny and smooth solid colour, or a crisp French, but it just isn’t me,” she says.

My favourite designs to create are anything bright, bold, celestial, witchy and psychedelic. I think that sums me up quite well! I like doing sets that stand out with bright, jazzy nail art.”

“I get so excited over nail art. It really is my obsession.”


“I absolutely adore chrome, and I use it quite a lot in my work,” Jazz shares. “It can completely change a colour into something extra and fun, and I love what it adds to designs.

“My favourite products at the moment are Magpie Beauty’s Arty Gels. They don’t move at all during painting and they have great pigment.”

“One nail colour that would characterise my personality would have to be Magpie Beauty Gel Colour in Pop Star. It’s a neon hot pink, with a metallic shimmer through it.

“It’s bright, bold, shiny, it catches your eye and it’s not for the faint hearted,” she laughs. “I like to stand out a bit with my style and I have a happy, confident, bubbly personality. And I do love a pink, so that would always be my first choice.” 

Magpie Beauty Gel Colour in Pop Star

Accolades include wining Best New Talent at the Hair and Beauty Awards UK, in both her region and in the UK overall. “I still can’t quite believe it.

“I hadn’t even finished my first year in the industry and I won! It’s hard to get my head around to be honest, but I’m so incredibly grateful and proud.”  

Jazz looks forward to her future industry, detailing aspirations of opening her own salon and training academy in her hometown of Paisley, Scotland, and becoming an educator either independently or for a brand.

“I want to pass on my knowledge on to other people to help them achieve their dreams and goals just like I have,” Jazz explains. “I want to specialise in nail art and be known for it in the industry, and I’m hoping to start videoing tutorials in the near future.”  

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