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NAIL TECH TALK: Kat Crammon of Katz Klawz Luxury Nail Bar

By Callie Iley | 19 June 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Kat Crammon of Katz Klawz Luxury Nail Bar about her transition from teaching assistant to nail tech and how she has grown her business since 2020…

Before branching into nails, I was a teaching assistant. I competed the training when my son was young and it was what I worked as until I had my daughter in 2019. I loved working with the children I taught in early years. It was the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, before becoming a nail artist of course!

I qualified as a Level 3 nail technician at the National Beauty Academy, Sunderland in November 2020. I qualified two days before the second lockdown. During my training, I’d say my biggest challenge was working with L&P acrylic – it’s so much harder than it looks! I doubted my own abilities and talent as well. I always pulled my work apart, highlighting how it could be better.

he major challenge after qualifying was the lockdown. Not being able to work right after qualifying was a knock to my confidence. I went on to create hand painted nail sets for adults and children to see me through the lockdown period in order to keep myself busy.

I get all of my nail art supplies from Sparkle To Perfection after winning its ‘designer theme’  nail competition with my Versace/J-Lo dress inspired set. I am now also a brand ambassador for Sparkle to Perfection, which I love as they have the most amazing range of gels, glitters and nail art supplies. I am absolutely obsessed with the nail art side of my career. I love to see the transformation on some of my clients – not just to their nails, but to their confidence and mood – after having their nails done by me has to be the most rewarding feeling ever!

“I didn’t expect was how important it is to my clients and their mental health that they have their nails done.”

Nail design affords endless possibilities so when it comes to my own nails, I never have matching hands! I usually wear L&P acrylic on my nails but I regularly change the designs on them. I get inspiration for designs every day, so if you ever see me with a matching set on both hands, write the date down!

I want to focus on my new growing business. I’m still pinching myself as I recently moved from my kitchen at home into a gorgeous space within my friends new little salon, and everything is going so well. Everyone has been so supportive. All my efforts are going into building my client base and my reputation as a talented nail artist. Quite a lot of my clients have also asked me to do lashes and brows, so I am hoping to complete my training in 2022 to be able to offer these services as well.

One of my best friends said to me ‘you’re so good at doing nails! You should start a nail business, you’d be amazing!’ so I rang up the beauty academy to enquire about their nail course and ended up enrolling onto it that day. Now here I am, with my very own business as a nail artist… I still can’t believe it.

“You’re at work more than you’re at home, so you have to do something you enjoy – life’s too short so you have to live it!”

I wish there wasn’t a stigma around men having their nails painted. I love that more men do have their nails done now, but there is no shame in them being well groomed. Art is for everyone.

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