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Nail Tech Talk: Kayla Rodgers of Kayla The Brand

By Callie Iley | 06 May 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Nail & lash artist, Kayla Rogers of Kayla The Brand’s lifelong passion for art found its canvas in the beauty industry, thanks to the creative freedom and artistry it affords.

Her passion for art instantly attracted Kayla towards nail artistry. “I loved the idea of being able to create different levels of art that people can literally wear.”

Specialising in fun nail art styles and wispy lash styles at her Manchester-based salon, Kayla The Brand, the nail and lash artist also offers training courses for lashes. “Nothing beats feeling and looking good,” Kayla enthuses.

Offering L&P acrylic nails, builder gel in a bottle and eyelash extensions, Kayla wanted to offer services in her salon that she gets herself.

“At the moment my clients are loving a huge range of nail art,” Kayla shares. “They’re opting for different variations of swirls, chrome and 3D art with a nude base as a blank canvas.”

“Two to three-hour appointments need to be more normalised – nail art can’t be rushed!”

Kayla reveals that she would represent her personality with a yellow shade. “I love trying out new fun things to do, whether that be an activity, restaurant or a crazy design I’ve seen.

“I’m quite introverted, but once you get to know me, I’m warm and bubbly,” she smiles.

The future of Kayla The Brand looks bright, with Kayla sharing her goals to eventually teach nail art classes to pass on her knowledge and skills.

She also hopes to continue to grow in her artistry and push herself further by competing in nail art categories in the future.

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