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NAIL TECH TALK: Kimberley Sargent of Nail’d By Kimberley

By Callie Iley | 31 July 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Kimberley Sargent of Nail’d By Kimberley about her journey into the nail industry and the importance of always improving your skills…

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During the first lockdown, I became obsessed with watching nail art tutorials on YouTube and TikTok, whilst always keeping up with the latest trends.

I set up an Instagram account for fun to show off my designs for press on nails. Within a couple of days I had people around the world messaging me asking if they were able to purchase them. After growing a little bit of confidence, I starting shipping out my custom press on nails to vloggers like Jordan Lipscombe and jewellery companies such as Bohomoon and Indigo Lune.

I had a little pinch me moment when Kiara Sky Nails reached out to me asking to collab, giving me PR packages and a discount code to share with my followers.

I then wanted to expand my business and my love for nails. Coming out of lockdown I completed my training to be a nail technician through Bristol Nail & Beauty School & Enhance Training Academy.

Waking up every day and doing something you love is really important to me, I have built some amazing friendships in the industry with clients and people I haven’t even met!

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No nail technicians’ two hands are the same – I think if you asked any nail technician how they keep their nails, they would give the same answer.

My left hand is my picture hand for Instagram. It either has my custom press on nails stuck on, ready to take that quick pic or has The Gel Bottle’s Builder in a Bottle in the shade Dolly, which is my favourite, with funky nail art on top. As for my my right hand, let’s not talk about it…

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The nail colour that would characterise my personality would have to be something bright like an orange shade! I think bright orange would suit me well, because I believe I have a warm personality.

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I think it’s always good to have goals in life! I’m still fairly new in the industry and am very proud of what I have achieved so far. I’d love to hopefully reach 10K on Instagram.

I would love to start my own YouTube channel or use TikTok to show off any nail techniques I have learnt along the way to help anyone that is starting off on their nail journey.

I have recently opened up my beautiful home salon that I am so excited to show clients, friends and family. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my business.

“I want to keep building my clientele, perfecting my skills and knowledge!”


One bit of advice that has stuck and has kept me going and I will pass on to anyone new in the nail game is “don’t compare your work to anyone else’s. Everyone is on there own path, believe in your work and do you.”

Everybody has their bad days, don’t give up!

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If I could be doing anything it would be laying on a beach with a cocktail in my hand… But realistically, if I wasn’t a nail technician I would love to work with animals. I have always grown up with pets, there is something about being around them that makes me feel content inside.

My dog Sam always greets my clients as they arrive!

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Nail art is definitely one of my favourite things about being a nail technician. I have always been a creative person and had an interest in art ever since I was little – I could sit for hours doing it.

Trends, techniques and products change regularly so it is so important to keep up to date, to improve your skills and your knowledge! Everybody is still learning.


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